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Fall is here and that also means cold and flu season is here as well. We’ve stocked up on all the hand sanitizers and have reinforced how important washing your hands are.

One of the nasty bugs that hits every fall is RSV and it is a big concern with babies, especially babies that are born prematurely.

RSV is a common seasonal virus that almost all babies have contracted by the age of 2. In full term babies it typically produces mild to moderate cold symptoms. However, premature babies are at an increased risk of developing severe RSV disease and are twice as likely to be hospitalized.

World Prematurity day is Monday November 17th so it is a great time to help build awareness and spread the word on the symptoms to look out for to protect precious preemies.

RSV Facts

Each year there are approximately 125,000 hospitalizations and up to 200 infant deaths each year.

Both of my daughter’s were technically full term. Pinky was born at exactly 37 weeks and Loo Loo was born at 38 weeks. However I still worried a lot about RSV because of how hard it can be for a newborn who contracts it and how difficult it would be for a newborn to fight the virus.

I’ve known quite a few friends that have had newborns that have had to be hospitalized due to RSV. It is a very scary thing to have to go through and prevention is the key because there is no treatment for RSV.

Early diagnosis is important but the tough thing about RSV is that the symptoms are close to that of a cold or flu. I remember worrying about the sneezes my daughter would have and my mind would instantly jump to OMG it’s RSV. It ended up being a typical newborn reflex but I couldn’t help my mind from instantly thinking, “Oh, no! It’s RSV!” and quickly calling the doctor to be sure. 

The Symptoms of RSV:
If your child has one of more of the following systems contact your pediatrician immediately.

  • Persistent coughing or wheezing
  • Bluish color around the mouth or fingernails
  • Rapid, difficult or gasping breaths
  • Fever (especially if it is over 100.4° F

RSV is very contagious and spreads easily through touching, sneezing and coughing. The virus can live on the skin and surfaces for hours. To help minimize RSV from spreading take precaution and do the following –

  • Make sure everyone washes their hands (especially before holding the baby)
  • Keep toys, clothes, blankets and sheets clean
  • Avoid crowds and other young children during RSV season
  • Never let anyone smoke around the baby
  • Stay away from people who are sick or have been sick recently.

To learn more about RSV and read real stories of families experiences with RSV visit

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