Wordless Wednesday : Not A Baby Anymore

Not A Baby
I’m starting to relize that my oldest, Pinky, isn’t a baby anymore. She’ll be the first to tell me she’s not but looking at this photo makes me realize it even more – she’s a kid now. My how time just whizzes on by!


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : Not A Baby Anymore

  1. Her eye color is so beautiful. I also hate to think my kids are growing up. I have 1 adult child, 1 school-aged and 1 preschooler. I’m trying to get pregnant again so I can get my baby fix.

  2. Take as much pics as you can because as they grow up they tend to not like taking pics as much. Cherish them as they are young because in a blink of an eye they grow up and before you know it it will be her wedding day. I’m only 41 and have 2 kids getting married this summer one is 24 or oldest son and one is 23 our only daughter YIKES ! Where did the time go! Have 2 more boys one 19 and one 17 or should I say young men.

    1. It certainly does go fast, I love taking pictures but now that I have two kids I find that it is harder to find the time. I’m just going to have to make time because I don’t want to forget these precious moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye.

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