Wordless Wednesday : My Blue & Brown Eyed Beauty is 2 Months Old!

Birthmark on Eye

Birthmark on EyeAbout a week after Loo Loo was born I noticed that a brown spot had suddenly appeared on her iris. Now her right eye is half brown/half blue, something called Heterochromia iridum. If you look at her right eye on the outside its a dark brown. The doctor took a look at it and it appears to be a birthmark on her eye. We’re going to visit the opthamologist to be sure that is what in fact what it is but the doctor isn’t concerned that it is anything that will affect her vision.

I’m interested to hear anyone else’s experience with this. Do any of you or your children have a birthmark on an eye?


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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : My Blue & Brown Eyed Beauty is 2 Months Old!

  1. My 6 month old daughter does. Hers appeared like your daughter’s did and slowly got smaller. Now she just has a small patch in her left upper iris. My doctor said not to worry about it if we weren’t too worried about it which I wasn’t because it faded to what it is now. Hope the same for your daughter !

    1. I wonder if it will do the same, our doctor isn’t too concerned either. It should be interesting to see if it stays the same or shrinks over the next few months.

  2. She is gorgeous and those eyes are amazing!!!
    My son’s left eye half is light brown and the other half is a very dark brown. I always thought it was a cool special thing 🙂 Didnt know it was a birthmark. Either way how cool is it to be that special right? 🙂

  3. My dad has one. He has one blue eye and the other is a green with a brown spot in it. And my second child has two different color eyes. He has a true brown eye and the other is very hazel green. 🙂 She is beautiful!

  4. My daughter doesn’t have a birthmark, but one pupil is always dilated due to surgery and she is very self conscious about it. Make sure you tell your daughter how beautiful her eyes are, and how unique!

    1. Aww, that just makes her special and unique! I hope my Delaney doesn’t get self conscious about it and I really appreciate your comment of course will tell her often how unique and beautiful they are.

  5. I havent ever seen this before. Of course, Ive seen when the eyes are totally different colors from each other. I’m sure your beautiful baby’s eyes are fine! Her different color iris makes her more special & unique. I think her eyes are gorgeous! SHE is gorgeous!

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