Wordless Wednesday with Linky – It’s A…

It's A Girl!

As you know, I’m expecting our second baby 🙂 We decided to find out what we are having, I’m not a patient person and waiting just the 19 weeks was enough for me, LOL! We chose to find out a little differently, instead of being told at the ultrasound appointment we had the tech put what we were having an envelope. Later that day, we went out for a nice dinner and unveiled the wonderful news. I loved it because it was a wonderful moment shared between the 3 of us and personally for me, it much better then lying flat on a table with my stomach hanging out 🙂

SOOOO, I’m beyond thrilled to share with you that…

It's A Girl!

It's a Girl Gender Reveal!

Here is my daughter as we got the news and told her she was going to have a little sister. I love the look on her face, priceless 🙂

I SOOO thought it was a boy and was in shock to find out we are having another little girl. I’m so excited for Pinky to have a little sister 🙂 Having an older sister I know how much fun and how many special memories they will share together. I’m exactly 21 weeks today and finally just now starting to feel better, this is the first week I haven’t had to stare into the toilet bowl. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by and before I know it she’ll be here! I CANNOT WAIT!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! I know what you mean; my 1st was a girl and i totally thought it was a boy! like you, i had to find out and it was definitely hard to wait! lol

  2. That’s really sweet!
    I like the way how you put on the ribbon.
    I don’t know how it feels when you want a boy after a girl
    yet, you’re still given another flower in the family. That’s really a big blessing again.
    But you know, I wish that you will have a baby boy soon!


    1. Thanks Ashleen! I didn’t have a gender preference, my gut was just telling me it was a boy 🙂 I’m thrilled for another girl 🙂

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