Wordless Wednesday : A Day At The Racetrack

This past weekend my husband had the amazing opportunity to drive in an official NASCAR! The whole family went to watch and we had a wonderful time! (More details to come on it, but in the meantime here are some pictures)

Me-Girls Me-In-Racecar Nascar-Drive


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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : A Day At The Racetrack

    1. It was through Xperience Days, they offer different experiences in different states but most states offer the NASCAR experience it’s a little over $100 to ride with a driver. My husband loved it and it was such a cool bucket list worthy experience!

    1. You’re right, not everyone does- but if you truly want to spend a few extra dollars to knock your significant others’ socks off, this would be it. You can opt to drive the car or ride. As much fun as I would have liked to drive one, after seeing those who did barely hitting 100 mph (not being used to 13 degree bank turns) I was very glad I got to ride with an extremely skilled driver, which they all are, mind you.

      These cars are not toned down for the driving experience, I worked for Ford Racing / SVT division hauling stock cars around the country doing Pit Crew challenges against the public on real stock cars, (public vs myself and team mate) using real pit crew tools to see who can change two real stock car tires faster to win pretty cool prizes..

      I’ve seen many tracks around the country including stock, Indy and pro-stock/top fuel funny car dragsters. The Richard Petty cars are not governed for speed or agility, there is no difference inside or out, this is the real deal folks, go fast is the name of the game. Anyone on a safe speedway or strip can do 100-140 in your average car… Try that at just under 200 turning a car down a huge bank inches off a concrete wall with other cars hot on your rear end- respect comes quick.

      Break down of conversation after being suited up

      DaddyDigger: Nice to meet you sir, only one request for you

      Driver: Yeah, what’s that, take it a little easy?

      DaddyDigger: (Chuckled, (engine not on yet)) No sir, drive this car like money is no object and we’re stealing it. If I start slapping my left knee that means if you can down/upshift and step it up a notch, don’t worry about me one bit. I want to see what this car really has.

      Driver: Finally, you’re the first person who came out and said to turn and burn, normally we just run according to the passengers expressions which I can see.

      DaddyDigger: The only expression you’ll see on me is laughing and knee slapping, lets do this #43, show me what you got, don’t worry about the sissies before or after me, lets have some fun out here.

      Driver: Game on, we’re next, you ready?

      DaddyDigger: – Two thumbs up, and universal sign to bury every needle you have on this car. Right foot comes up and slams down… and he knew exactly what that meant..

      By the time we came out of pit row we were coming out of 2nd at 98mph, top speed 199mph on a 13 degree bank, lap time just shy of 37 seconds, fastest timed lap… Of course you know I was timing each car as it went by and requested #43 dodge with usual 48 second lap times, he shaved a lot of time off that run and it was worth it. I can’t thank my wonderful wife for the opportunity- fast and loud, driving it like you stole it. Besides my family itself probably the best surprise you could drop on a husband/fiance/boyfriend, even if they’re not “NASCAR” fans.

      I assure you its worth every penny and when you push 200 mph on a 13 degree bank turn watching the grand stands go by like a blur, they’ll either cry like a girl or bruise their knee slapping it to go faster, faster, faster. Sorry M&M car that we were racing, you got served. Nonetheless, albeit you will go fast in any of them, all I did was let my driver know he had a passenger that didn’t mind being 2 inches off the apex wall turn and engine breaking to downshift to come out of it faster was my middle name.

      A very affordable gift for what you get to experience & your significant other will never forget it. Personally if there is a next time I’d like to drive it, but if you’re not familiar with the 4 speed HURST shifting patterns which I do not believe a 3 hour classroom learning environment before you drive can teach you, let the pro show you what the car can do if you want the thrill of your life coming in hot at 199mph inches off a wall at a 13 degree

      This concludes my mini addition to the review my beautiful wife already did, i had all my girls there and couldn’t have asked for a better day.. Though, MommyDigger should post pictures of the "Prehistoric Adventure land" (abandoned) that I made her pull over to jump out and get pictures of… We’ll see if she does it or not 😉

      I mentioned being at tracks and races all over the country but nothing tops coming in hot out of pit row and just burning through that circle. I’ve had my fair share of 9-10 second quarter mile car runs too, that’s fun too, but 200 mph in and out of apex turns with those g-forces, that’s going to be a tough one to beat and a story your husband will tell everyone he can (like I did).

      Thank you again for the experience MommyDigger, it will never be forgotten, you’re the best. To the others reading who may not get the chance to do it for free, please believe me, its worth every cent.

      God bless,

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