Which TV Provider is best for entertainment?

The Telly is hailed as one of the best things that has ever happened to mankind. It provides a platform where we can unwind and get entertained. It would not be rocket science to suggest that most of us have our favourite must-watch shows. Whether it is watching our favourite teams battle for glory to talk shows, the telly seems to have almost everything for everyone. However, there will be different TV deals provided by different TV providers.

They may range from premium deals with premium content, which will cost you a substantial amount to free deals, which while they may cost you absolutely nothing, they may have limited content. The main TV package providers in the UK are Sky, Now TV, Talk Talk, BT and Virgin media. However, these providers are limited in the areas they cover and they may also not offer the same channels. In this article we compare TV providers and explore the choices and prices you have so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the best provider to enjoy your favourite TV programme.

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Sky TV

When you mention Sky TV, many will relate to it as a Premium TV provider. Sky offers 3 different packages, with each offering over 270 channels. This also includes Sky Atlantic which airs various hit series from the US such as Game of Thrones. A reason why Sky is a popular package is that it allows its customers to combine Sky Bundles with broadband speeds which may range from 10Mbps to 76Mbps.

Now TV

With streaming services becoming more and more attractive, NOW TV seems to be a popular choice among many TV fanatics. This streaming service from Sky enables users to choose which themed bundles to watch. This may range from daily, weekly or monthly bundles, mostly depending on the package pass they choose. It is tailor made in such a way that customers pay Now TV Passes as opposed to most packages which charge on a yearly basis. With NOW TV, customers can enjoy live TV unlike other streaming services. Although you can sign up to only use it as a streaming service, this packages also offers broadband services. Now TV provides a cheaper way to access content from Sky, especially for those who are unable to access regular Sky because of lack of a satellite or budget constrictions.


Netflix continues to grow in leaps and bounds when it comes to popularity. One of its attractive features is that you can watch it in a variety of devices such as mobiles, laptops, TVs and game consoles. Netflix provides a wide range of original series and films which it funds itself, while also airing other content from other studios. It provides most of its content in HD and also has the option of 4K streaming for some content. There is also the option of downloading movies and TV shows on mobile devices to watch them later while offline.

Virgin media

Virgin media is renowned for its high speed broadband and wide range of TV channels. Its most basic package is Player, which has over 70 channels and boosts speeds of up to 100Mbps. Its premium package is the TV bundle which offers speeds of up to 200Mbps and with over 245 channels which also includes Sky sports and BT Sport.

TalkTalk TV

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, then TalkTalk TV should be your choice. Its basic package comes with Freeview. While it has no subscription option, it allows users to rent or buy new released content on DVD or Blu-ray to watch later in a digital locker. An advantage for TalkTalk is that it offers the latest movies that may not even have been released on disc yet. You can also supplement it with a TV Boost which allows you to watch extra entertainment channels such as Comedy Central, Sky 1, MTV and Fox among others. This package also allows you to choose whether to add BT Sport, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.


While BT is the biggest phone and broadband provider in the UK, it also provides TV packages that exclusively air the Aviva Premiership Rugby and the Barclays Premier League. It also offers the European Champions League and the Europa league matches.
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