When Times Are Tight A Payday Loan May Be the Answer For You

I think most have been there before, a bill is due but your paycheck isn’t due for a couple weeks and you just don’t have the money.  Thankfully, we’ve not had to do this, we’ve been very blessed with my husbands new position but like most, we’ve had times where money is tight and live paycheck to paycheck.  The bills of course don’t wait and they certainly don’t wait long to send you to collection and that can really do a number on your oh so important credit score. Medical bills can be the worst and I had one medical provider send me to collection in the time it took them to send me the detailed bill that I requested for my daughters MRI (believe me, I was not a happy camper about it). Getting back to my point, when things are tight and bills are due it’s good to know that you can easily and quickly get a payday loan.

What is a payday loan?
A payday loan is a short-term loan advanced through a payday loan provider. The loan allows borrowers to cover their bills and spending in-between pay periods. As a borrower, you write a personal check to cover the loan amount, in addition to the payday loan provider’s fees. The payday loan company will hold your check until your next payday. Then you have three options – you have the option to pay off the entire loan with cash, rollover the loan into a new payday loan, or allow the payday loan provider to deposit your check.

In a matter of a few clicks of the mouse and 3 minutes of your time filling out the application you can apply for a payday loan from SunriseFinance.com. You’ll recieve an instant decision and have the funds within an hour! In this economy there are many who need just a little help before their next payday is due.

While it really stinks when money is so tight and no one wants to have to get a payday loan it helps to know that there are easy ways to go about getting a loan to help cover  your costs when things are tight.

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4 thoughts on “When Times Are Tight A Payday Loan May Be the Answer For You

    1. Nancy, I would like to point out that the payday loan industry is highly regulated by federal and state laws. Please be sure to research any company offering the service to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and policies. Additionally, payday loans are generally fee-based. There is a flat fee for your loan amount (i.e. $100 will have a $15 fee, $200 will have a $25 fee, etc.). The “interest” does not accrue as it would on a credit card bill. The companies are required to disclose the APR % by law because they are considered a lender/creditor. There is absolutely no reason to be scared of these companies, as long as you are using their services responsibly and not as a long term financial solution 🙂

  1. I tried this payday loan last last year but I decided to stop. The interest just get the good out of me. But well, it comes very helpful when it comes to emergency situations.

  2. This does seem like a good option for someone who needs their money right then and there. I would think it is always best to try to avoid loans. I understand this isn’t always possible for everyone though. :/ We are currently working on getting everything of ours paid off so we can live loan free!

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