Washi What? Washi Tape! Oh the Possibilities!

This morning I was mowing my way around the interwebs 🙂 and came across Ninainvorm, she is a dutch interior designer and artist. Her work is gorgeous! And after wiping the drool off my keyboard I HAD to share it!

One of my favorite projects she posted is wall art with Washi tape! What is this Washi tape and why have I never heard of it?! It’s gorgeous! I never thought tape could be so beautiful! This discovery can certainly get me into trouble… I have visions of my entire house being covered in Washi tape doodles and artwork! Ninainvorm has even posted a tutorial on how to make your own mural, check it out.

There are TONS of adorable and fun patterns of Washi tape available, check out CuteTape.com You could do so many crafts with them!

(Images from NinaInvorm)

7 thoughts on “Washi What? Washi Tape! Oh the Possibilities!

  1. Hello from your newest follower. I arrived from the Alexa hop and am now following you here and on NB and am looking forward to baby tips as expecting another grandchild soon.


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