Valentine’s Day Idea for Busy Moms – Stackable Rings

Being a busy mom of 3, one of which is a newborn, I don’t wear a ton of jewelry all the time. I may throw on a necklace to coordinate with an outfit for work but the moment I come through the door it comes off or my newborn will tug at it. Another item I don’t often wear anymore is my engagement ring. It is rather large and is often getting caught up on things or catch on something because of the large main stone setting. Plus, I often have nightmares about my setting coming lose and the diamond falling out and I can’t find it and its honestly scared me enough to make me incredibly nervous wearing it all the time with how often I bang it against door frames and get it caught on clothing or putting my jacket on or taking it off.

I still wear my wedding band and actually prefer only wearing that but I do like a touch of bling on my finger still. That’s why I really love stackable rings. I’ve been wanting 2 more to pair with my original wedding band and have put the feelers out for my husband this Valentine’s Day to get me a couple of them to put with my wedding band. Don’t you just love the look of them?

My wedding band is a simple pave diamond thin band that lets me go about my day without getting caught up on anything or banged. I’d love to have something as simple as it is and coordinates well with it and compliments.

I think this style would work really well with mine, in the same white gold with diamonds wrapped around it –

I really love the style of stacking rings with each other and if I had 3 rings stacked on my wedding finger I’d have one for each of our children. Fingers crossed I’ll receive one or two this Valentine’s Day 🙂


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