Top DIY ideas to spruce up your home in 2018

It’s finally 2018 – you want a change, you want a fresh look, you want a new you. Given you probably won’t stick to every one of your new year’s resolutions (and that’s ok), you can do something different this year. Instead of the gruelling gym 5 times a week and failing early-morning wakeups, make your surroundings cosier and work on the way you feel.

This year, drive towards transforming your home into a stress-free sanctuary. So maybe it’s not a new you, but it is a fresh feel for your home.

And these DIY’s, are a pretty good start.

Skateboard light

skateboard-lightCourtesy of ‘misterpiggles’ on, we found this awesome lighting piece recycled from an old skateboard. It’s decent for your teen’s messy room or as a unique feature in your hallway. Wherever you hang it, it’ll certainly add character!

Hanging bedside table


A four-legged bedside table is so last year. But a hanging one? Now that, is next-level DIY. Learn how to make it with Bethan John’s guide – it’s easier than you’d think.

Create a relaxation room

relaxation room

If you want to really push your DIY skills, re-create an entire room purely for relaxing in. This could mean anything from re-painting the walls a calming colour to creating a chilled-out hammock, that hangs from your walls.  

There’s so many things you can do to create the perfect environment for chilling out, but the truth is, everyone finds different places calming. The best way to go about this is to imagine your relaxing place and re-create this indoors.

Indoors mini greenhouse

indoor gardening

Inside your relaxation room, make an indoors mini greenhouse to give yourself an ongoing task. Take care of it like you’d take care of yourself and eventually you’ll feel the benefits of having something small to take your mind off a busy life.

A great place to get your greenhouses panes from is Simply Plastics, they stock plastic panes in a variety of sizes.

Fancy kitty bathroom

fancy kitty bathroom

Okay, so this one is a bit ‘out-there’ but stay with us on this. If you’re a cat owner you have to deal with cat litter boxes around the house. They’re not exactly the most eye-pleasing thing within your home, but it’s a necessity.

You can hide them within a cupboard to give your kitty some privacy, but then you’d have to leave the door open for them. Instead, make a door way and a few steps guiding your cats to their personal, private bathroom!

The DIY-masters of will guide you through the ventilation system you’ll need and how to use an Ikea cupboard to build this epic kitty-cat toilet.

Keep us updated!

Share your home’s transformation with us in the comments below. Additionally, if you find better ways of creating these DIY’s, update us so that all our readers can learn how to make them even simpler.

Happy new year, we hope this one brings you happiness and peaceful days.

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