Tons of Summer FUN for Kids with the Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland Ball Pit { Review }

Sesame Street Ball Pit Review

Summer Fun EventWhen your a kid playing in a ball pit is some of the most fun you can have. It used to be that you had to go to an activity center or a fast food restaurant to play in one but now you can have one at home! We received the Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland Ball Pit from Jakks Pacific for review.

Sesame Street ABC Playland Ball Pit

I had a feeling that Baby Digger would love it and have TONS of fun with it. SO, as soon as it arrived I blew it up for her. Okay, sure I’ll admit it, the kid in me was excited too 🙂 It comes in a compact box along with 20 soft flex balls. The ball pit comes out of the box folded up and inflating it took me about 10 minutes. If you have a power air pump it will be much faster. Once it is inflated throw in the balls and it’s ready for fun. It has all the favorite Sesame Street characters so if your child is a fan like mine they will recognize all their favorites. Baby Digger loves Elmo and that was the first thing she noticed 🙂

Sesame Street Ball Pit Review

It has 2 large crawl-through openings,a peek-through window and a play panel. She loves to play with the play panel pushing the balls through the holes. She pushes them out and back in again over and over. The opposite side has 3 peek-through windows which are also fun to play toss into using the balls. Its makes for hours of fun for her and I love that it is able to be used indoors and outdoors so its great for beautiful summer days or a rainy or cold day. I also love that the balls are soft and flexible so if she accidentally falls or steps on them they have some give and don’t hurt.

We love this toy it’s lots of fun and we have a blast passing the balls to each other and playing Peek-a-boo through the holes, she thinks it’s hilarious!

Buy It!
The Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland Ball Pit is available at Toys R Us for $34.99.

10 thoughts on “Tons of Summer FUN for Kids with the Sesame Street ABC-123 Playland Ball Pit { Review }

  1. Oh How cute! I could see hours of fun with a child playing in this. My grandson use to have something where all the balls went in, not as nice as this and he played for the longest time. I like this

  2. this is really cute. I like how it has sesame street characters on it. I just it was a little bigger. My son would love it but i think he would break it.

  3. our two lil’ grandkids, one a live in and one that comes here for care would be using this type of toy soon! I used to think those restaurant ones were so cool until I realized how many GERMS are in those pits! And once found a diaper that seemed like was in there for days. ick. So nice to have your own to play at home with!

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