Tips you should know when buying a pair of suitable shoes for your kids

A mom of kids is always a highly thoughtful person. She is responsible for taking care of the necessities of all the family members. She addresses the shopping needs of herself and the family and one of those chores is changing shoes. It might be easy for adults in the family but not so simple for kids. These little things for children often depend on the mother. Here are some tips for the mom to decide how to buy the perfect pair of shoes for their little honeys.

  1. Control the time for changing shoes on time
    New moms should be aware that the ideal time to change the kid’s shoes is once in six months.
  2. Tell if your child’s shoes are too big
    The space between the back of the shoe and the kid’s heel is the obvious indicator for the big shoe. You can easily check this using your thumb when the child tries it. You can check the fit of the shoe in the front by asking him to wiggle the toe after lacing the shoe. If the kid is able to move the toe from one side to the other, you can tell that the shoe is too wide.
  3. Choose the appropriate size for your child
    While every mom is tempted to buy a larger size so that it can work longer, it can be dangerous at times. Abrasions, contusions, blisters and nail trauma are some of the numerous issues which might arise from wearing wrong sized shoes.
    For a child who cannot tie his own laces, you should consider velcro shoes. Mock-laced shoes combine the best of two worlds and allow them to practice laces while giving the flexibility to get in and out of the shoes easily. Such shoes are fully-adjustable and your kids will be appreciated for trying to learn tying the lace.
  5. Look for shoes with rubber soles
    Comfort is the most important requirement for children. Shoes with thicker rubber soles provide great cushioning and shock absorption. They might look dressy but feel like sneakers and ideal for running conveniently.
  6. Be sure to take your kid with you
    The ideal way to get the right shoes for your kids is take the child along to the store and let him/her try them on before buying. Also, carry a pair of socks with you when they try the shoes. You should consider buying the shoes online only after you are sure about a brand that fits the kid’s feet well.
  7. The more comfortable, the better
    Though you can find a wide variety of trendy, attractive shoes designed for kids, you should prioritize comfort unless the occasion is too special.
  8. No need to spend too much on buying shoes
    If you belong to a normal family, you need not overspend on kids’ shoes because they grow up so quickly and shoe changing occasions come quite frequently.

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