Tips on Maintaining Friendships After You Become a Parent

friends-parentsBeing a parent is tough, but it’s also rewarding. As such, it’s really no wonder that many new
parents find it hard to keep up with their single and childless friends. Keeping up with these
relationships – and even making new ones – is, however, crucial. You can’t do it all on your own
and, more importantly, you need friendships. Friends are important for our mental health, and if you ignore friendships throughout your child’s life until he or she moves out, then you’ll be
isolated. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to maintain friendships, and here’s how you can do that:

  1. Make Time for Them
    One of the simplest ways to maintain a friendship is to make time to see them. You can do this as a parent by relying on your partner, by using a baby sitter, and by ensuring that your friend dates are routine. That way, your child can adapt to your scheduled disappearance and you can still make time for your friends.This, of course, will become more difficult if you move away – for instance, if you move from the city to suburbia so that you can raise a family. When that happens, these dates will likely become less frequent, but you should still try to schedule to see each other, even if that’s only once a month.
  2.  Send Them Thoughtful Gifts
    Being thoughtful will go a long way to ensuring that your closest friends feel appreciated. This is also ideal if you don’t live close by, and cannot give these gifts to them yourself. Send them birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and even celebratory gifts for the biggest occasions. For other times, send a card. You can create beautiful and custom cards for your friends with this free card maker.
  3. Plan Trips
    Regardless of whether you see each other often or rarely, you should plan joint trips with your friends. This will give you a good break away from being a mom, and even from being a wife or girlfriend, and give you some time to have fun with your friends. The best part about trips is that everyone can come together for them, you see a new place, and you have fun! As your children get older, you can even turn this into a joint-family trip away, where your kids can have fun together and you can have time to yourselves.
  4. Always Be Available to Talk in Emergencies
    Finally, you should always be available to talk in emergencies. Telling your distraught friend that you can’t talk and hear them out because you’re watching TV with your child is the fastest way to lose a friend. If you expect your friends to be there for you during your worst times, you must be there for them. The only time you should ignore your friend in plight is if you are dealing with an emergency yourself.

Friends are important, and they become even more important when you become a parent.
Maintain and nurture these relationships so that you have the support and friendship that you

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