Throwback Thursday : Me and My Sis

I’m feeling very nostalgic lately. I see my girls starting to play together and it brings back such fond memories of me and my sister having countless hours of fun together. I’m so glad my girls get to experience sisterhood, it’s such a special bond <3

Don’t you just love our hair and awesome 80’s sweaters?!


9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday : Me and My Sis

  1. There is nothing like the bond between sisters. My sister and I are 18 months apart. I feel so lucky to have her- she will always be my partner in crime 🙂

    Definitely some rockin’ sweaters!

  2. Wow, the one with the purple sweater, my daughter had the same one. I had my oldest born in 1977, one in 1979 then my son in 1982 bt how crazy to have seen that sweater. I Love it!

    1. Wow! What are the chances, this picture was probably (and I’m going to show my age here) taken in 83-84. How funny!

  3. (Throwback Thursday : Me and My Sis) What a great picture and fond memories you must have, a sister love is a wonderful thing to share. I myself have three brothers , but I do have a bunch of sister-in-laws and girlfriends that are just like sisters to me.

  4. I remember having that sweater…. I loved it. My daughter makes fun of all the 80’s fashions, but I loved the 80’s 🙂

  5. I love old pictures. I just found a ton of pictures of my brother and me growing up. It’s been so much fun going through them all. 🙂

  6. Cute Picture of you and your sister. I have a lot of black and white photos of me and my sister. We are close in age and are best friends!

  7. You and your sister have always had a special bond. I hope my girls grow up just like that (so far they are the best of friends!!!). Those were the good old days, huh ?!??

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