Their World Has Never Been Closer

We all love that Christmas time of the year, when we get to watch fun movies with our families. There is a new movie that is going to premiere this December, called “Walking with Dinosaurs”, that surely will make a great Christmas movie for everyone.


The story embraces many aspects of the prehistoric wild life and at the same time relationships and emotions shared between relatives, friends and enemies.  In case you are familiar with dinosaurs and their types you must know that this movie will describe and show stories related to Pachyrhinosaurus, represented by the Patchi’s family, who is the main character, his dad Bulldust, brother- Scowler and also his crush Juniper. We get to see a Gorgorosaurus, named Gorgon who is the bad guy of the movie and gives hard times to our main character. Besides dinosaurs, this movie shows other mammals, reptiles like the Pterosaurs, that were a group of flying creatures, used to dominate the skies in the Late Cretaceous Period. Also we meet an Alexomis bird, which has a symbolic relationship with Patchi and becomes a guide of our movie.

As you see, you will get to meet different creatures and seize the contrast between them, because dinosaurs were not all the same. The main pleasure for our eyes will be the 3D graphics of the Walking with Dinosaurs movie. It will make us feel like we are in the same place, at the same time with dinosaurs. Their world has never been closer to us, as it is now, with the premiere of this great film.

For the first time, you will truly see and feel the undaunted world of dinosaurs, when they ruled the Globe. Walking with Dinosaurs is the supreme captivating, big screen journey for children and adults. Watch dinosaurs more real than you have ever seen them, as you take off on an impressive prehistoric adventure, where an underdog dinosaur, wins against all the barriers of those times and becomes a hero of the age.

Do not miss the chance to get closer to dinosaurs, walk in their footsteps and live their adventure.

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  1. I will probably wait for this to come out on DVD so my grandson can see it. He’s a big fan of dinosaurs and would enjoy this!

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