The Royal Baby Watch is Underway! Live Video Stream

Kate MiddletonPregnantI watched the Royal wedding a few years ago but since then I’ve not really followed the entire pregnancy like some have. I will admit thought that I am excited to hear if it is a prince or princess!

royal bab yliv estream

Kate Middleton was admitted early Monday morning to St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Stay updated with the’s Royal Baby Watch live video stream.

Do you follow the royal couple? Are you anxiously awaiting the news? or not?

7 thoughts on “The Royal Baby Watch is Underway! Live Video Stream

  1. I have not followed really,and don’t have cable but have read a few things online. I did watch Dianas wedding and funeral though so I can imagine how everyone is glued to this.

  2. I will admit that I watched, too, and was just as curious to find out the gender! Very happy for them. Beautiful family!

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