The Perfect Carpet for Families : STAINMASTER Active Family Carpet

Stainmaster Active Family Carpet Review

STAINMASTER is wonderfully providing the carpet for our home. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been following my journey to getting new carpet for our home? Well, we now have our beautiful new STAINMASTER carpet installed in our home.

We went with the STAINMASTER Active Family carpet because of it’s durability and I was super excited when the wonderful Reimer Floors installers knocked on our door with our new carpet in tow.

The installation only took about a half of a day but the transformation was amazing.

I took some photos while they worked away installing our carpet and making sure it was perfect.

STAINMASTER Carpet Installation

STAINMASTER Carpet Padding

As you can see we have STAINMASTER carpet padding as well, this is important if your getting STAINMASTER carpet because you want to protect your investment with the best padding. By the way, if you have pets STAINMASTER also has a great new flooring option with padding built just for people with pets called STAINMASTER Pet Protect.

We went with an 8lb STAINMASTER carpet padding. STAINMASTER carpet padding will extend the life of your carpet and protect the floors underneath. When it’s installed with your new STAINMASTER carpet, it will also extend your carpet limited warranties. Here is a little more detail on STAINMASTER carpet padding from STAINMASTER’s website –

STAINMASTER® carpet padding proprietary breathable moisture barrier

  • Keeps most common household spills from penetrating the cushion and subfloor
  • Makes clean-up easy, which helps to stop reappearing stains on the carpet
  • Helps to protect the cushion from mold and mildew formation by allowing damaging water vapors to pass through the cushion and evaporate

Available with odor reducing or antimicrobial technology upgrades.

This way any spills that happen won’t seep into the padding and keep magically reappearing even after you clean them up.

So, drum roll please… Here is our final result –

Stainmaster Active Family Carpet Review

Our new carpet is beautiful but best of all it’s incredibly soft on the little hands and feet that play on our floors daily. It’s so incredibly cushy and perfect for our now walking 10-month old. She’s still learning and falls quite a bit and I’m so glad to have such a wonderfully soft floor for her to walk on.

Both of my girls LOVE the new flooring because its so soft to play on and I love getting on the floor and playing right there along with them on our lovely new carpet.

STAINMASTER Active Family Carpet


STAINMASTER Family Carpet Review

We’ve already had a couple of little spills happen and I’m happy to report that both of them came up without any problem. I’ve used simple water and a towel to clean the messes up and it comes up clean perfectly.

STAINMASTER Active Family Luxerell Stairs

My family is so grateful to have had the opportunity to give our first hand opinions on STAINMASTER Active Family carpets and I’m happy to say that we all love it. It’s holding up to it’s durable promise and I’ll say it again it’s SO soft I just can’t get over it!

STAINMASTER Active Family Luxerell

If you’re looking for new carpet for your home I would very highly recommend visiting a STAINMASTER dealer and get the Active Family carpet. There are so many options and it’s durable and made with the high foot traffic, messes and mishaps that come with a family home filled with love and fun.

To learn more about STAINMASTER and the Active Family carpets visit the STAINMASTER website and connect with STAINMASTER on Facebook and Twitter.

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29 thoughts on “The Perfect Carpet for Families : STAINMASTER Active Family Carpet

  1. Our Stainmaster carpet was just installed too and I’m loving it! Your girls are adorable and they look like they enjoy playing on your new carpet 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. Isn’t it wonderful?! Yes, my girls love playing on it, when we first got it my oldest laid on it and said, “Mommy, it’s so cozy!” lol!

  2. Brynn, your house is just beautiful! My 6 year old has eczema and just laying on our old (16 year old) carpet makes him break out in rashes. It’s horrible. Our carpet needs replaced beyond words! I love the color choice and the padding that you selected, my mom got this same kind of carpet and I love it.

    1. Thank you Amanda, it really is a beautiful room! This carpet is wonderful and I would definitely recommend it, especially with your son’s eczema it would be gentle on his skin – it’s so soft! The color is beautiful, its just the right shade of a darker beige without being too light or dark – I love it!

  3. Thank you for sharing, we have a few big projects next spring and carpet is one of them for the family room. I don’t even know how how old ours is, I know we do want a nice soft padding, I notice walking in my neighbors carpet how much softer it feels on your feet, nice and cushy! I think we are going to pick the carpet for Active Families, with 10 grandchildren visiting pretty much daily, I want a carpet that will help protect their falls and easy to clean. I notice the say they are anti-static! Woot, sure don’t like getting a little shock in the winter months with the friction of the little feet, Thank you for sharing.

    1. You’ll love it! We used to have rough carpet and this carpet is like night and day compared to our old stuff. It’s so plush and soft, perfect for little feet. You’re so incredibly blessed to have 10 grandchildren! I’m sure they’d love the softness of this carpet as much as my two kiddos do. Best of luck on all your projects next spring!

  4. Getting new carpet is so exciting and It looks absolutely beautiful! So glad it’s durable and super soft and cushiony for the lil ones. Stainmaster sounds worth checking into for any one wanting new carpet

    1. It’s holding up well. We’ve had a few red stains happen and they cleaned up beautifully without any sign that there was ever a stain. It still feels soft even though it’s had a shampooing and the padding is cushy. I’m very happy with it still and would still recommend it for anyone looking for carpet.

  5. This reads like a paid endorsement, which makes me very suspicious of its veracity. Especially in light of the MANY, MANY reviews I’ve read which don’t concur with this “review” at all. . .

    1. Hi Mike, First off, please be respectful. I wrote this review and I did disclose that I received the carpet for my review. This, however, does not affect my opinion of the carpet in anyway, I shared my honest thoughts. It’s been a year since we had our carpet installed and I love it. Others may have differing opinions and I can respect that but this is my opinion. Our Stainmaster carpet still looks great and is soft and cushy. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about it. Keep in mind there are MANY options to which Stainmaster carpet and padding you choose so there are many variable to consider that could effect one’s personal views.

  6. Hello! Now that it’s been few years, how do you like your carpet? We’re considering a purchase of “PetProtect” carpet within the next few weeks. Thanks for the review!

    1. I still love our carpet, it’s had some stain encounters and they’ve all cleaned up really nicely and once they’ve been treated they don’t come back through the padding like our old carpet did.

    1. Yeah, we definitely still like our Stainmaster carpet. It looks brand new still and we’ve had it steam cleaned a couple of times. The stains come right out and because the Stainmaster padding has a protective layer the stain doesn’t reappear later like it used to with our old carpet. I believe the color we went with was called cavalier classic.

  7. We just had this carpet installed and I found that it is really difficult to vacuum with my Dyson. Do you have any recommendations on the best vacuum to use? I don’t want to damage the ends of the carpet.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. You’re actually not supposed to even use a Dyson on this carpet, it will void the warranty. Dyson’s will unravel the fibers of the carpet strands 🙁

  8. Personally, our StainMaster Active Family carpet is barely 9 months old and it is pilling and looking fuzzy and natty in the high traffic areas. We don’t even have kids. I say “high traffic” meaning the hallways and common foot traffic pattern areas in a home occupied by adults. Also random loops from the Berber pile come loose and have to be snipped off. Stains aren’t a problem, but apparently the carpet wasn’t made to withstand high traffic or the occasional use of a quality home steam carpet cleaner (Hoover). I will be contacting Lowe’s regarding the StainMaster warranty because if this is what I am seeing when my carpet is less than a year old, then I’m in trouble.
    Also, I have 20+ year old Berber style carpet (undetermined brand) in the next room and it looks better than certain areas of my new StainMaster. I am a completely dissatisfied with the StainMaster product.

    1. Have you used a Dyson on it at all? I guess the suction is so much that it can actually cause this. If not your STAINMASTER carpet will be covered under the warranty and I would give them a call to let them know what is happening.

  9. I’m looking at stainmaster carpet for our house. Did you purchase the high, middle or low option for the active family? I love the feel of the higher option, but my husband likes the price of the middle option.

  10. I am considering to replace 5 years old, Shaw Anso nylon carpet with Stainmaster carpet next year because of unravel, cornrowing and matted in traffic area. I use Oreck Magnesium and never used Dyson vacuum. The old Anso nylon was advertised as designed for high traffic. I want to know if your Stainmaster carpet has issues with cornrowing, unraveling and matting in traffic area so it could help with decision. It seems like I may need to find denser carpet and use different vacuum instead of Oreck, so please share your experience with Stainmaster carpet and any issues? I’m not concern about stain, but just want to know about matting, cornrowing, crushing, unraveling, fading or other issues. Thank you for sharing.

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