The Best Gifts for a Baby Girl

photo by MeiTeng
photo by MeiTeng

Baby fever is in the air with Will and Kate introducing the young prince to the world recently. The 22nd July won’t have been the birthday of just him though, with plenty more babies saying “Hello World” on that day too. If you have someone close to you that has just given birth or you’re expecting them to soon, heading for the shops to buy something suitable as a gift will likely be at the top of your agenda.

Buying for babies isn’t too difficult – not with the extensive range of goodies that are on offer at George at ASDA to suit all styles and tastes. From clothing and toys to practical items, baby girls and boys are fairly simple to buy for as long as you don’t get bowed down with the overwhelming selection of things trying to tempt you.

If you’re a little stuck about what to get for a little girl, take a look at these ideas for inspiration.


A baby can never have enough clothes. While they grow quickly, they will always need more things to fit into. With plenty of baby girl clothes at George, you can take your pick from the vast array on offer and choose something that will suit the new baby girl perfectly.

It’s advisable to buy things in different sizes, avoiding the size that the baby is at the moment. Chances are, they’ll have plenty already and with newborns gaining up to a pound a week in weight, they won’t be in the tiny sizes for long.

Instead, choose an outfit in 0-3, 3-6 or even 6-9 months so that the parents have something to look forward to as their little one grows. If you must buy something in tiny size, choose something practical such as a cute sleepsuit or babygro and make sure you consider the seasons too – a fleecy sleepsuit won’t be much use during the height of summer!


Keepsakes are a great idea for a baby gift – something that the family can keep forever to remember the day that their little one came into the world. A money box, photo frame or home casting kit to get a mould of their tiny hands are all great ideas, while baby books and memory boxes will always be welcome.


As babies grow, the temptation to buy them toys will grow and grow. As a newborn though, they won’t be much interested in them just yet. If you want to buy them something, choose something cuddly and baby-safe, such as the popular Sophie the Giraffe or a comforter that they can snuggle up to during the months to come.

Practical Gifts

Whether it’s a funky pink bib, baby blanket or muslin squares is up to you but there are plenty of practical gifts that a new parent would thank you for. Nappy cakes are popular at the moment and perfect for a baby shower or new baby visit, complete with nappies and other practical items that a new mum won’t be able to live without.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend – it’s the thought that counts and often, a touching card is enough because that’s what most parents will keep forever.


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