Teach Your Child to Swim This Summer | National Learn to Swim Day is May 18, 2012

National Learn to Swim DaySwimWays Swim StepsSummer is finally upon us and that means it’s time to hit the pool! We love going swimming at our local community pool and this year we’re going to start to teach Pinky how to swim. In the year’s past she would just hang out within an arms length of us in the toddler pool that is knee high but now being almost three it’s a great time to start teaching her to swim. I’m excited to announce that I’m a SwimWays Ambassador and will be receiving great products to review and share with you that will help Pinky along in her swimming lessons. What I love about the SwimWays Swim Steps products is that they are wearable flotation devices that help children learn to swim in a 3-step program so children can gradually become more comfortable with swimming in the water on their own.

Learning to swim is an invaluable life skill is even more essential for fun as well as for safety.  On May 18, SwimWays encourages families nationwide to participate in National Learn to Swim Day in their own way, whether that means enrolling children in local swimming instruction, hosting a group swimming lesson, or discovering the tools that SwimWays provides families, including its Swim Steps learn-to-swim program and online water safety resources available on Swimways’ dedicated Swim Steps website www.TeachMeToSwim.com.

According to the American Red Cross, drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages one to 14. If we work together to promote the importance of swimming, we can improve this scary statistic and make water wonderful for everyone.

Celebrate National Learn to Swim Day with these fun and educational activities:

  • Enroll your kids in swim lessons at a local YMCABoys & Girls Club or other local swim club.
  • Visit a community pool as a family – and remember to pack a picnic.
  • Lifeguards are unsung heroes. Take a few minutes to tell your local lifeguard how much you appreciate them.
  • Host a group swimming lesson at a local pool.
  • Check out smart pool safety tips in our Resources section.
  • Have a pool? Invite a few friends over for a synchronized swimming competition.
  • Encourage kids with downloadable rewards and swim progress charts.
  • Still too cold to swim outside? Grab a float and a swimsuit and practice some silly splashes in the bathtub.
  • Take a CPR or First Aid class.
  • Visit a local library and check out a book about famous Olympic swimmers.
  • Talk to your children about water safety.
  • Start your own Learn-to-Swim Celebration. Contact your local pool, waterpark or community center and help organize a fun event.

Mario Vittone, former Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer and water safety expert, will work closely with Swimways to provide free swimming safety resources to families. Vittone will give expert advice on topics and challenges related to teaching children to swim on www.TeachMeToSwim.com throughout the summer. In addition to the expert advice, families will be able to download an event guide, poster, coloring sheets and accomplishment certificates on the dedicated site.

“Whether a child is in a bathtub or at a backyard barbeque, whenever a body of water is present, the risk of drowning exists,” said Vittone. “It is important that adults are aware of the risk factors, and educate both  themselves and their children about water safety not only on National Learn to Swim Day, but throughout the year as well.”

SwimWays’ Swim Steps program is a three-step program that features colorful swim-training aids specially designed to help parents teach kids to swim at home. The first step of the program is designed to introduce and comfortably support babies in the water; step two products give children the ability and freedom to explore as they develop confidence and learn to balance and paddle (two important pre-swimming skills); and step three products provide graduated support, helping kids to feel empowered and confident as they strengthen and perfect their swimming skills.

You can learn more about National Learn to Swim Day and Swim Steps by visiting www.Swimways.com and www.TeachMeToSwim.com.


2 thoughts on “Teach Your Child to Swim This Summer | National Learn to Swim Day is May 18, 2012

  1. I think this is such an important subject, thanks for discussing it. There is no reason a child should not be taught to swim at a young age. It could be the difference in life and death.

  2. I’ve been working very hard to teach all of my kids to swim this year. So far the results have been great, and the only non-swimmer in our family is our four-month-old baby girl.

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