Moose And Zee are gone
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Why has Nick Jr. Gotten Rid of Moose A Moose and Zee? Please Bring Them Back!

When I turned on Nick Jr. today to let Pinky watch it for a bit I was super bummed to see that Nick Jr. has done away with Moose A. Moose and Zee. It’s the first of March and it seems that the whole programming schedule has been changed. I turned it on around 3 […]

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Pocoyo Swiggle Tracks
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Holiday Joy Filled Gift Guide: Pocoyo Swiggle Tracks Review

Baby Digger loves most of the shows on Nick JR including Pocoyo. Pocoyo is an adorable show featuring Pocoyo and his buddies. I was excited when we were asked to review the new Pocoyo Swiggle Tracks, I didn’t even know there were Pocoyo toys prior and after checking this toy out I was even more […]

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