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Cinnabon® Bread Pudding Recipe & Apple Pie with Cinnabon® Streusel Topping Recipe

Cinnabon® Bread Pudding INGREDIENTS 3 Cinnabon® Classic Rolls or 7 MiniBon® Rolls 2 cups whole milk 4 whole eggs 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract DIRECTIONS 1. Place milk, eggs, and vanilla in bowl; mix together with a wire whisk. 2. Place cut rolls in a 2 quart mixing bowl. Pour egg mixture over the rolls. […]

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Edy's Shakes and Smoothies
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Mommy (and kids) Indulgence Alert – Edy’s Smoothies and Shakes

Making smoothies and shakes can be messy and time consuming, you have to whip out the blender, milk, ice cream, and fruit/toppings. But now, Edy’s Smoothies and Shakes make it easier! I just enjoyed a Strawberry Banana Smoothie and it really satisfied my sweet tooth with only 190 calories, not too bad! (Shakes are a […]

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