Summer Project : Designing Our Backyard Oasis!

patio design

We’ve lived at our home for almost 5 years now. All of the interior has been personalized to fit our style but we have literally not touched our backyard. BUT, we finally put our deposit down on a patio and are planning our backyard design out and I’m so excited. In just about 4 weeks they’ll have all the permits together and be able to start on our stamped concrete patio. I’m going to spend TONS of time out there with Baby Digger. We just got her an adorable new sandbox and she’d happily spend hours out there playing. But, just look at our backyard, it’s so empty otherwise! It’s been this way for far too long and we’re ready to start enjoying our backyard!
Playing in her new sandbox - Kid Kraft Big Top

Whenever I start to plan out any space in our home I always put together a style board. I’m a visual person and before I do anything I like to see it all together so I know I’m going to achieve the look we are going for. I started our patio space style board and now I’m incredibly antsy to get started on our project.

patio design

I can’t wait to get started on our summer patio project! What summer projects do you have planned?

4 thoughts on “Summer Project : Designing Our Backyard Oasis!

  1. Can’t wait to see your new backyard. I know we are still in the planning stages. Have a great backyard, but a tiny little cement patio. We need some serious work done.

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