STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes Help Teach Kids To Ride! Review & Giveaway ends 8/13

Strider No Pedal Bike Review

Summer Fun EventStriderWhen I first saw the STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes I was intrigued. I then searched YouTube and watched all the videos of toddlers riding their STRIDER bikes with ease and confidence and was amazed. I knew then that I wanted to get Pinky one! Well guess what?! STRIDER sent us one for review! We are looking forward to all the family bike rides we’ll be taking and this is the first step to teaching her how to ride! What I love about STRIDER bikes is that they teach your child to balance on two wheels instead of starting out on a tricycle or with training wheels. STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes encourage the development of balance and basic motor skills.

Her STRIDER bike arrived and I was able to take it out of the box and put it together in a matter of 10 minutes. It is really well made – the frame is made from light gauge steel tubing that is very durable and he tires are a heavy plastic that are puncture proof. It is also very light, weighing less than 7 pounds making it easy to pick up for even the youngest of riders. The handle bars and seat are both easily adjustable – you just flip the clip and adjust to the perfect height for your child and flip the clip back to secure it in place. So, there’s no need to bust out the tool set when those growth spurts occur 🙂

Strider Bike Assembly

STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes are recommended for children ages 18 months to 5 years and up to 60lbs. Pinky is 21 months so she’s the perfect age to start. Now, Pinky does not always warm up to new things quickly and we have learned that when trying new things it has to be her idea or it’s going to be a tantrum disaster (we’re approaching the terrible two’s LOL!) At first, Pinky wanted nothing to do with her bike, we placed her on it and scooted her around to show her how fun it was but he wanted nothing to do with it and threw a fit. On top of that, we’ve also been struggling with getting her to wear a helmet, she screams at the top of her lungs the moment you strap it on, but, we’re working on it.

Since she wasn’t too excited about the idea of riding her bike we decided to take a slower approach. Each time we go outside we ask her if she wants to ride her STRIDER and wheel it around to show her how much fun she could have. Each time we’d ask her, “Pinky, do you want to ride your bike? Look at how fun!” She’d quickly and matter of factually reply with a stern, “No.”

Well, I’m happy to say that after weeks of slowly warming her up to it she is starting to get more comfortable with her new bike. Finally, after asking her again if she wanted to ride her bike she came over and grabbed the handle bars! She then started to walk around with her bike steering it along around our driveway.

Strider No Pedal Bike Review

She’s slowly becoming more comfortable and excited about her bike, she even says, “Bike!” when she sees it and wants to steer it around. However, before she hops on and really gets going we’ve GOT to get her to wear her helmet without having a nuclear meltdown! I’m very impressed with the quality of the STRIDER bike, it’s a very well made balance bike and love how light it is which makes it easy for my petite 21 month old to move it upright and steer it around with her. We’re loving our STRIDER bike and are excited to watch her continue to get more comfortable and improve her riding skills. I can’t wait for her to really get zooming around and to start going on family bike rides!

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