Stranger Things 2 and 80s Pop Culture #StreamTeam

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My latest Netflix binge won’t be a surprise to many, its the phenomenon that is Stranger Things. Not only is the story line awesome, it brings me right back to my childhood and gives me the warm squishes.

I LOL’d when Bob walks in the store and jokingly asks if the orange trick or treat pumpkins come in anything other than orange. No, they don’t, its the 80s. A time when things were so much more simple. You used that orange pumpkin with pride or you toted your pillowcase with you. Those were the 2 options. Oh, and when you wanted to play with your friends you hopped on your bike and rode over. Oh how I miss the 80s. I just love all the 80s nostalgia in it like their sweet Ghostbuster costumes


If you want to see a cool list of all the rad 80s pop culture references in Stranger Things 2 head over to The Vultures post with every awesome 80s pop-culture reference.

I just wrapped up the entire season and am anxiously awaiting season 3 and if you haven’t watched it yet you have to because –


Head on over to Netflix and watch Stranger Things 2.


One thought on “Stranger Things 2 and 80s Pop Culture #StreamTeam”

  1. I love the 80s and I love Stranger Things, I’ve been a fan since season 1, I don’t have much time to watch TV Shows but that’s one I definitely enjoy, I love the fact that it is simple yet entertaining. Loved reading this post!

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