Staying Social – 6 Cute Ways To Stay In Touch With Loved Ones During Self-Isolation

Photo: cottonbro / PexelsThe COVID-19 pandemic has created monumental shockwaves in our physical, psychological, emotional, financial, and social wellbeing. With countries around the world enforcing increasingly strict social distancing rules, it’s vital that we come up with creative tactics for staying connected. To help you in this endeavor, here are six inventive ways to stay in touch with your loved ones:

1. Send care packages

When the loneliness of self-isolation strikes, generosity is the best remedy. Whether you go for something sweet like a selection of teas, something quirky like old fashioned board games, or something practical and stylish like beautiful cookware sets or other homewares, your friend will be over the moon when they receive your gift. And the mere act of ordering a care package for someone you love will instantly fill you with warm, fuzzy feelings.  

2. Write letters

The pandemic and resultant lockdown have shifted many of us to lives lived almost entirely online. If you’re starting to get screen fatigue but don’t want to miss out on opportunities to connect, consider this old-fashioned remedy – writing letters. Long-form correspondence allows you to express your experiences, reminisce about fond memories and share something truly special with the recipient. Social isolation can make people forget how much they mean to others, so reminding them with a thoughtful letter could do a world of good. Most postal services throughout the world are now using special sanitary measures to keep everyone safe. However, if you’re worried, or you simply don’t have access to postage stamps, then emails are the next best thing. 

3. Online parties and festivals 

If you haven’t ventured into the digital party space yet, now might be the time! With platforms like Zoom, you can create private parties with your family and friends, or you can join digital clubs and festivals. There are gatherings to suit any theme or lifestyle, so get researching and then start inviting your friends. 

4. Facebook Live

Like Zoom, Facebook Live offers you the chance to connect with friends to chat, party, or relax. If you have any musically minded pals, encourage them to create a live-stream event that their friends and fans can join in on. If not, hunt down your favorite bands and musicians and you’re sure to find a few who are creating such events. 

5. Online gaming

If you’ve never tried online gaming, well, there’s never been a better time to start. You get to fight off alien invasions, join in war efforts, explore fantasy realms, battle monsters, build empires, solve puzzles, and so much more. No matter how niche your tastes are, there’s guaranteed to be an online gaming community to suit. Have a browse through all the most popular online games, and get involved. You can invite friends to join you or simply take part in the group chats and make new friends.  

6. Movie nights

While date night may be on hold for a while, you can have virtual movie nights with loved ones. Browser extensions like Netflix Party For Chrome allow you to synch up your streaming so that you’re all watching your chosen film or series in unison. Add a group chat and it’s almost as good as the real deal. 

Try one or all of the methods above to stay in touch with your loved ones during lockdown. If we can all work together to keep our collective spirits up, we’ll be in a much better place when the day finally comes that we can feel free again. 

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