STAINMASTER® Active Family Carpet : Visiting the STAINMASTER Showroom

Stainmaster Showcase

When trying to choose new carpet for our home that would last for years we did our research and decided that STAINMASTER would be the best option for our carpet to last for years to come and I was asked to review it for myself!

Our family room gets a ton of foot traffic, pets laying down, pet accidents, juice spills, etc, etc, etc… So, I wanted our new carpet to be built to withstand all the challenges my family had to give it which is we love what the STAINMASTER Active Family carpet has to offer.

We set off to our local carpet store, Reimer Floors’ STAINMASTER FLOORING CENTER® Showroom near our home. Being a STAINMASTER Flooring Center, Reimer Floors gives you the best carpet warranty there is, the STAINMASTER’s Best Lifetime Warranty. That means our carpet will be backed by STAINMASTER against food and drink stains, pet stains, fading and more! Check out more details on STAINMASTER’s great lifetime carpet warranty.

Upon entering the store I was impressed with the large STAINMASTER showcase.

Stainmaster-Flooring-CenterThe selection in the store was HUGE, aisles of options of colors, textures, berbers, plushes.

Stainmaster ShowcaseThere were so many options it was great but a bit overwhelming too but our salesman was a huge help and guided us on which of the STAINMASTER carpets that would work well for our home and personal style.

We had already done our research on what carpet would be best for our family knew we wanted a carpet from the STAINMASTER Active Family line and he helped us choose a few color and texture options that would work well with my very active family and fit with our newly redesigned family room.

We came home with 5 different samples in different colors and textures and let them sit out for a few days while we stewed over them. My absolute favorite texture is the Luxerell, because it is so soft and is wonderful to walk on but more importantly perfect for my kids to play and crawl on!

After deciding on the color and style of carpet we wanted Reimer floors came out to measure our space so that we could put the order in for our new carpet.

Next I’ll be sharing our carpet installation with you, I cant wait for you to see it!

To learn more about STAINMASTER and the Active Family carpets visit the STAINMASTER website and connect with STAINMASTER on Facebook and Twitter.

STAINMASTER is providing the carpet for our home. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “STAINMASTER® Active Family Carpet : Visiting the STAINMASTER Showroom

    1. It is so important to bring home samples, all of the carpets I thought I’d love didn’t look as good in our space and we ended up with the one I didn’t think I’d like! It’s’ funny how the colors change when they are in your own room depending on the lighting, especially beige sometimes they end up looking pinkish.

  1. We just ordered Stainmaster carpet for our family room after reading your post. There were a lot of options but we finally decided and I’m super excited to have it installed. Looking forward to seeing how yours turned out.

    1. That’s awesome! You’ll have to come tell me how you like it once it’s installed. There are tons of options aren’t there? I was a bit overwhelmed but thankfully we had help at our STAINMASTER dealer narrowing the options that would work best with our decor.

  2. Although we have wood floors in most of the house I like to have carpet in the bedrooms, it makes it feel so cozy. We have Stainmaster in our master bedroom but I need to replace the carpet in my daughter’s room and will certainly get Stainmaster — the carpet she has now is awful and was there when we purchased the house — I will bring home samples and let her choose her favorite.

    1. Good luck on picking a new carpet for your daughters room, she’ll love it. The Active Family line has lots of options available and the Luxerell like we chose is so soft! I’m going to be posting my final reveal very soon – stay tuned 🙂

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