Snow Joe iON Hybrid Snow Blower Review

This winter we’ve been spared the weekly snowstorms and so far have gotten through it with only 2 decent sized storms. Last week was the worst of them, it rained, iced and dumped about 6 inches of snow on us. It doesn’t sound like a lot and being from Michigan 6 inches really isn’t. However, this snow was different. It was the HEAVIEST snow I’ve ever encountered and while great for making snowmen, snowballs and snow forts its a bear to shovel or snow blow.

Back when winter was just starting to rear its’ head, I shared with you that Snow Joe was sending us a new Snow Joe iON Hybrid Snow Blower. In the couple of times we’ve had measurable snow my hubby broke this bad boy out and gave it a try.

What is cool about this snow blower is that it gives you the option to change between electric or battery power. It has a 40V lithium ion battery that is said to last for more than 50 minutes and the cord can be used for backup when the battery is not charged. Plus, it can plow up to 500 pounds of light fluffy snow per minute.

Starting this snow blower is easy, just plug it in or after its charged, power it up and off you go. I really like not having to pull an awkward starting cord like you usually do on the big gas powered blowers. This makes it easy for me to take care of our driveway if my husband isn’t home.

One of the other features I liked is the 3W LED light bulb it has built on. It seems like most of our snowstorms hit in the night time and we need to get the driveway and sidewalks cleared for the morning school and workday so it’s nice to have some extra light while clearing the bath.

It lightweight so it’s easy to maneuver but still has held up to even the super heavy wet snow we got last week. I was rather impressed because Snow Joe even states it is not meant to stand up to a gas powered blower with the wet heavy snow so I was pleasantly surprised when it did the job and well.

The Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless & Electric Hybrid Snow Blower  is ETL approved, comes with a full 2 year warranty and is Energy Star certified. You can purchase at The Home Depot, both in store and online for $399.

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