Spring Fever Sponsor Spotlight : No More Shaving! Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Review + #Giveaway

Silk'n Flash&Go

Silk'nSilk'n Flash&GoI don’t think shaving is anyone’s favorite past time, it certainly isn’t mine! Plus, with my dark hair I have to shave every other day, yuck. When I was asked to review the Silk’n Flash & Go I was super excited at the idea of not having to shave anymore! I had great results with my Silk’n FaceFX to getting rid of wrinkles and creases. Plus, it’s given my skin a healthy glow. So, I had very high hopes that the Silk’n Flash & Go would work wonders on my legs.

Silk’n Flash&Go is a light-based device for permenant hair removal on the body and face. It is FDA approved and safe for in home use.

Flash&Go is for individuals who want:

  • Permanent riddance of unwanted face and body hair.
  • Treatment for sensitive areas (bikini line) or smaller, targeted zones (upper lip).
  • Speed in treatment. Since the Flash&Go plugs into the wall, the pulse speed ensures a quick treatment without worrying that your battery will die before you finish your session.
  • Updated protocol for quicker results and increased efficacy.
  • Silky smooth skin without ingrown hairs and razor burn.
  • An affordable solution to hair removal
How does it work?
The Silk’n Flash&Go uses HPL (Home Pulsed Light) Technology. Light-based hair removal is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis in which optical energy is used to disable hair growth. In order to achieve such thermal effect, the hair shaft needs to selectively absorb light energy and transform it into heat. This selectivity is achieved when high optical energy that is delivered to the tissue is mostly absorbed by hair shaft pigment, while the epidermis and the surrounding tissue is actively cooled (by a cooling mechanism). Melanin is the pigment in the hair shaft that is responsible for the absorption of the light, which generates the heat that eventually disables hair growth. When hair growth is disabled, permanent hair removal is achieved.
Silk'n Flash&Go Review

Did it work for me?
I’ve completed 5 treatment sessions with my Silk’n Flash&Go on my legs and underarms and have already seen a significant reduction of hair.  Not only that but my skin is much more smooth looking and I haven’t had ingrown hairs. The proof is in the pudding, just look at my before and after pics!

How do you do it?
Treatments are simple, you attach one of the included cartridges, plug it in and turn it on. The device will warm up and allow for the device to warm up. Once it is ready green lights will flash on the sides. Next, you just place the device firmly on the freshly shaved area and pull the trigger. It flashes and your ready to move on to the next area.

Does it hurt?
I was worried that it would hurt but it’s not really painful at all, if I had to compare it to anything it feels like a quick electric shock. There are 3 intensity settings and I’ve gone up to the 3rd most intense setting and it is still pretty painless.

Silk'n Flash&Go on legs
My legs look and feel so much smoother now!

My Overall Thoughts
I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen using my Silk’n Flash&Go. In the 5 treatments I’ve done, I’ve had great results. Once I complete my 8th treatment, I’m not going to have to shave anymore and that makes me one happy chic! The device is very easy to use and compact enough that it doesn’t take a ton of cupboard space in my bathroom. It’s pretty much painless and WAY less painful than any waxing and treatment sessions are quick – it only took me about 20 minutes per session. It’s also affordable costing only $339. You’d pay way more in a professional clinic and some razors are so expensive now you can easily spend that much over the course of a few months. All you will need to replace is the cartridge every now and then for $45. Best of all, its permanent! Once the hair is gone, its gone and you’ll only need to do touch up treatments every once and a while.

Silk’n Flash&Go includes

  • one device unit with narrow lamp cartridge,
  • one bonus narrow lamp cartridge (total 2000 flashes)
  • and instructional DVD.
Please note: Flash & Go is not for use on recently tanned skin, Afro-Caribbean or black skin complexions. A unique skin color sensor is built into the Flash & Go to measure the treated skin complexion at the beginning of each session and occasionally during the session. The skin color sensor ensures that pulses will only be emitted on suitable skin tones.

Buy It!
Silk’n Flash&Go is available for $339 from www.silkn.com or at Sephora and Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

Win It!
Silk’n is sponsoring me for the Spring Fever giveaway event and giving one lucky winner the Silk’n Flash&Go RV $349!
Fill Out the Rafflecopter form here to enter!

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15 thoughts on “Spring Fever Sponsor Spotlight : No More Shaving! Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Review + #Giveaway

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m like you having to shave every other day. BOO! And as for the wrinkle one…I’d LOVE to have one of those!! The results look fantastic!

  2. That looks AMAZING! I don’t mind the time it takes to shave THAT much, but I do get a lot of ingrown hairs & I love that this could make them go away! It’s a major issue I have so I’ll definitely be checking this out, even if I don’t win.

  3. Okay.. I want and NEED this! lol Seriously.. I’m going through menopause, and you do get a bit more hairy during those years. I would love to win this! Great review.

  4. I’m so happy for your review. I didn’t even know this product existed. The ease of using it is a great motivator. My daughter has an extremely hard time shaving under her right arm due to a titanium implant in place of her shoulder. It’s very hard for her to shave there as she has limited arm movement. I have to hold her arm up and place her fingers on my shoulder to help her. This would be such a Miracle product for her. i never thought about permanent hair removal to solve her frustration while shaving. 🙂 I really thank you for your review.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. What a great review! I have the Flash & Go too and I can’t say enough good things about it. My legs and underarms are hair free for summer and I couldn’t be happier and it only took me 6 treatments to get here. Going to try it out on my bikini line next.

  6. I used to have to shave everyday too so when I saw the Flash & Go online I decided to purchase it. I’m so glad I did because it worked great and it’s so nice not to have to shave anymore.

    1. I did a few times, but it really has cut down on it! I think I’ve shaved a handful of times since I started using mine and its only for a few hairs here and there.

  7. Brynn, thank you for the wonderful review 🙂 I’m just curious though since this review was posted 4 years ago, are you now permanently hair-free? Do you still have to shave? I’d love a follow-up.

    1. I wouldn’t say I’m permenantly hair free but the hairs I do have are thinner and much less course and I have to shave far less often.

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