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Shark Pet Perfect II Handheld Vac ReviewMyself and my family are animal lovers, we have a dog and a cat and love them dearly, except the shedding. I’ve never seen a dog shed as much as our lovable pit/lab mix. Not only does he shed like crazy his hair is thin and wirey. Because of this plus the daily traffic our carpet and floors endure I struggle keeping up with it.

We have a Shark Navigator and love it, it does a great job picking up all the dirt and hair from our carpet but getting it out of the closet for a quick cleaning touch up just doesn’t happen. So, the hair adds up and once or twice a week it would get vacuumed. This is why I really wanted a quicker easier tool that would allow us to keep up with keeping the floors clean and I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Shark® Cordless Pet Perfect™ II Hand Vac. It has done wonders for keeping our home clean. First off, its cordless so we can easily grab it off of the charger on the wall and do a quick once over the room and it’s lightweight making the task of vacuuming that much easier.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II has powerful suction and has stood the test of our dogs wirey shedding hair as well as our cats not only on our floors but the couch as well using the included motorized brush attachment. It comes with all the tools you need
for any type of vacuuming or dusting you need to do using the crevice tool, the dusting brush or the direct suction. It’s bagless so when its full you can easily pull the container and empty it right into your trash. It has a washable filter that can easily detach and get cleaned. I love using it all over our home and it has been a lifesaver on our stairs. I used to use our larger vacuum struggling to get into all the nooks and crannies on each step and fussing with the cord. Now, I have no more cord to struggle with or trip over and can easily get to all the spots, yay! It comes with a nice wall mount that we put in our laundry room that holds all the attachments organized and it’s ready to go at a moments notice.

Another place where the Shark Pet Perfect II has come in great use is our cars. I’m sure all moms know how quickly their car can look like it’s not seen a vacuum in months. I’ve usually got puffs littering the seat and floors surrounding baby Digger’s car seat. It’s so nice to be able to grab the hand vac and be able to clean the interior of my car out.

Our Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vac has proven to be an integral part of keeping our home and cars cleaner from toddler messes, to pet hair and dander and the dirt from the daily traffic its stood the test to all of the tasks and made them even easier and less of a hassle to do.

Shark Pet Perfect II Handheld Vac Review

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The Shark Pet Perfect II Handheld Cordless Vacuum retails for $79.99 to find a retailer near you visit www.sharkclean.com it is also available to purchase online at Target.com

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I received a Shark Pet Perfect II Cordless Hand Vac for the purpose of this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


5 thoughts on “Sponsor Spotlight: Shark® Cordless Pet Perfect™ II Hand Vac Review #CouponCabinHop Giveaway Event

  1. Hi from your newest follower! Great review, I’ve been considering one of these to help with shedding from our three dogs! Please visit me at ttowntiffany.blogspot.com. Thanks and Happy Halloween!

  2. I bought a Pet Perfect II at Sears today, took it home, opened it and found no packing slip or instruction sheet and no charging station or power cord. I called your toll free number and was told it would take 4-6 weeks to get the parts. NOT acceptable. I will try to return it to Sears, but I am not hopeful. My first and last Shark product.

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