Shared Ways to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

A healthy lifestyle is surprisingly difficult to attain. One would think that evolution would have made it easy for us to get healthy and stay healthy by valuing health as the highest trait. But we all know through harsh experience that evolution doesn’t work that way.

Part of the challenge is that health is a long-term consideration. And we are lousy at thinking long-term. We are more about instant gratification. There was a time when survival had more to do with what you did in the next moment than what you did over the course of the next 20 years. For most adults throughout history, there wasn’t a next 20 years. Lifespans were short and brutal.

If we cannot overcome this early evolutionary instinct, we are going to suffer longer lives in poor health. We have not evolved to be great long-term planners. But we have evolved to be social. So we can do difficult things easier when we do it with someone else.

If you want to get healthier over time, find a partner who will come along beside you. Another way is to be that partner for someone else. If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, here are some tips for helping others do the same:


Massage is great from either side of the equation. Getting a massage can relax the muscles in a way that you can never do for yourself. It is an inherently social activity because it requires another person. If you want to get a better massage, learn how to do them, then pass on that information.

As you might have already guessed, massage also makes a great side-hustle. Once you figure out where to find portable massage chairs for sale online, you are practically in business. You don’t need 4 years of college to learn the trade. It takes fewer years of study and less money to get started than you think. Massage is a win-win for both giver and receiver. So get out there and change the world one massage at a time.


Sometimes we need to do more than just relax our muscles. We also need to relax our minds. Nothing does a better job of replacing both body and mind than a vacation someplace far away. When done badly, however, a long-distance vacation can add stress and tension. When you travel, you want to make sure all the details are worked out in advance. And you want a clear itinerary so you have some idea of what to do next when you get there.

Go to a place like Thailand and you can easily get overwhelmed with too many options. You will want a travel guide and companion for at least a part of that trip if you are going at it alone. One of the ways you can pay for a trip like that is to become a city guide for the place where you live so that you can provide the same service to others when they come to visit your neck of the woods.


It would be a major oversight to leave out the obvious. Physical exercise programs are ideal because you get the exercise whether you are going at it alone or helping someone achieve their goals. You don’t even have to become a personal trainer. You can do as much good by just being an exercise buddy to someone who needs it.

workout buddy is practically a requirement in the weight room. Many of the same benefits apply to a running partner. Running with a stronger partner is highly motivating. You don’t want to be the first to stop. You would be surprised at how many more laps you can manage with a silent partner chugging along beside you.

The same type of thing is at play with diets. It is considerably easier to stay on a diet when everyone in the house is on the same diet. It is harder, not to mention more expensive, when you try to go it alone.

So if you are one of those humans who has trouble prioritizing health, try slightly adjusting your strategy so that you can receive help by providing it. Learn the fine art of massage. Become a travel expert by helping others travel better. And stay motivated to exercise by becoming someone’s workout partner. That slight shift in perspective will make all the difference.

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