Say Hello Diamonds : The Look of Real. The Price of Faux. : Review + Coupon Code

Say Hello Diamonds Review

Say Hello Diamonds Review

I’ve got another great Valentine’s Day gift idea for you! Diamonds make a great gift no matter what the occasion and with Valentine’s Day in just over a week if you are looking for a thoughtful gift that doesn’t put a big dent in your bank account. Have you heard of Say Hello Diamonds? Say Hello Diamonds has a large selection of gorgeous jewelry with the look of real diamonds without the big price tag! Hello Diamonds takes a diamond veneer that starts out as a cz stone and turned into a perfect diamond replica!

Say Hello Diamonds ReviewI received a pair of Locke earrings and from the moment I opened the pretty black velvet box I was immediately impressed. They are made with sterling silver and not only are they beautiful but they do look like real diamonds, no one would ever know the difference! They are so shiny and sparkly and are perfect pair of hoop earrings for a date night or special occasion. One attention to detail that I love was that they put diamonds not only on the outside of the hoops but the inside as well giving it even more sparkle. I’m very impressed with the jewelry from Hello Diamonds and the prices are so much easier on the wallet than real diamonds. While I chose earrings from Hello Diamonds they also have a very nice selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and in classic and unique styles. If your like me and love jewelry but can’t afford to buy diamonds often I would definitely recommend checking out Say Hello Diamonds, no one will ever know they aren’t real diamonds and you’ll save money!

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You can buy these beautiful earrings or shop the Hello Diamonds collection at! Say Hello Diamonds is also offering my readers 40% off your purchase with the code DIAMOND40!

10 thoughts on “Say Hello Diamonds : The Look of Real. The Price of Faux. : Review + Coupon Code

  1. wow- these look great! yes, i love jewlery and diamonds of course, but we can’t afford them too often! this co looks like it’s right up my alley! 😉

    annae07 at aol dot com

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