Safe, Fun Tablet Entertainment and Education for Kids with the New iDeaPLAY Tablet | Giveaway

iDeaPLAY Kids Tablet

Pinky is obsessed with both my iPhone and my Samsung Tab 2. I put them on the best lock down I can so that she can stay safe while she’s on them, but there is always that chance that she’ll find a way on accident to access explicit content. The new tablet from iDeaPLAY solves this problem!

It’s made just for kids and it’s compliant with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to give parents peace of mind.

iDeaPLAY Kids Tablet

Safety First

The iDeaPlay tablet is designed to give parents complete control of the device at all times, even when they aren’t around. The Manage Mode for parents controls let them decide which content their kids can view and which features can be accessed in Kids Mode. The iDeaPlay also includes a customized version of Famigo software which regulates the tablet content by automatically removing unwanted content such as social media access, advertisements, pop up ads, ecommerce requests, chat and browser features.   Of course, the COPPA compliant settings ensure that children are kept safe from content and that their privacy is never compromised either.

The safe restart also ensures that all parental settings remain enabled even if the tablet is turned off and on again. If kids want more content, they can create a wish list and parents can then decide what to download or purchase.  Parents are able to monitor their child’s activity by receiving a weekly recap email which provides an update on the child’s use of applications

Educate and Entertain

Parents can easily manage access to apps to retain a balance between educational and entertaining content.  The iDeaPlay can be updated with free and premium apps, movies, e-books and music from theiDeaApp Marketplace or by visiting Amazon’s app store.

“As a parent, my number one priority is always my children’s safety, so it is especially reassuring that when I give my kids the iDeaPLAY, I know that it is COPPA compliant, so I don’t have to worry about what they are doing,” said Pattie Cordova, mother and lifestyle expert. “I also like that I can set the tablet up so that my kids are getting as much educational time with theiDeaPLAY as they are being entertained.”

Great Value

The iDeaPLAY lets parents relax and not worry about having to give their kids more expensive family gadgets.  At $129 USD, the iDeaPLAY is hundreds of dollars less than comparable products, affording parents peace of mind when making purchasing decisions about devices for their kids.

Through the Famigo interface the iDeaPlay includes high quality premium content from Jim Henson, DreamWorks, Dr. Seuss, The Wiggles and apps including Doodle Jump, Shrek Forever After, Ice Rage, Yumsters, Toddle Fun Counting, Kids ABC Alphabets, Color & Draw, Riptide GP Toddle Tapping Zoo, Math Bugaboo.

Parents can also enjoy the iDeaPLAY by switching to a Regular Mode to use it themselves, enabling the full power of the tablet to access the internet and services including Netflix and Skype, like a regular Android device.

The tablet also comes with complete, US based customer support service and also extended warranty options are available as well.  For more information, please visit:

BUY IT: The iDeaPLAY is available now online by visiting Amazon or it can be purchased at one of many retail locations, including Fry’s Electronics and HEB stores across the country.

WIN IT! One Mommy Digger reader will win a iDeaPLAY Tablet! To enter, fill out the form below –

99 thoughts on “Safe, Fun Tablet Entertainment and Education for Kids with the New iDeaPLAY Tablet | Giveaway

  1. I have a grandson who loves to play games and another who loves watching videos. I’m sure they’d have a lot of fun with this 🙂

  2. My daughter would use this to play and learn. She currently uses my Samsung note 2 , but being that it’s my phone she can’t always have it to play with lol.

  3. I have three kids that are all trying to share a kindle right now..this would be so great so that they wouldnt have to fight over it to play games or watch videos anymore. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  4. My kids would use this to play games on, they currently take over my tablet for their games and I hardly even get to use it!

  5. My grandson would use this tablet to play games and play learning game. He would love having his own tablet to play on.

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