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Blurb Book Front Cover

With Blurb you can create your own custom photo books but it doesn’t end there!  You can  publish your own creative works or even create a book of your recipes and sell it in the Blurb Bookstore.

Blurb Book Front CoverI love the idea of Blurb and recently created my own art book using Blurb Bookify with of a collection of photos of Pinky’s first year. Putting my book together was simple I uploaded my photos directly from my computer. Blurb also allows you to put photos into your book from Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Picasa or Instagram. For each page you design you can choose from a variety of templates and include text or pictures only. I wanted an art coffee table book so I choose to have photos only. It took me some time to put together my book just the way I wanted it but Blurb allows you to save your project so that if the kids are fighting, the baby is crying, dinner is burning or whatever else comes up you can come back to your book and continue right were you left off.

After putting my book together I went through the ordering process, it was quick and simple and within a week I recieved my book at my doorstep. It was packed nicely and bubble wrapped so it wouldn’t get damaged. I opened my Blurb book and was greeted with my daughters beautiful photo on the cover! The photo quality on the pages is great and it’s a wonderful keepsake to have of my daughters first year. The paper quality is good, I could have upgraded it for a small fee but I choose to stick with the standard paper.

I leave my Blurb book out on my coffee table and everyone that comes over has picked it up and oogled through the pages of first smiles to the first time standing and then they ask me where I got it. Everyone has loved my Blurb book of Pinky!

Blurb Book Inside Spread

My thoughts:
I am really pleased with my Blurb book. The process of designing it takes some time but the end product is worth it! You can have as many or as little pages as you like and the books come out beautiful! One of my favorite features is the hardcover image wrap cover allowing you to have photos on both the front and back of the book, very cool! Being able to upload photos from your Flickr account is very convenient.

Blurb is perfect for putting together your own art books and would be a great way as a new writer to publish your books or if your a cook write a recipe. I love that you can share your book and promote it for everyone to purchase it in the Blurb Bookstore.

Buy It:
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