Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike Review | Build and Customize a Trike That Grows with Your Family!

Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike Review

I received one or more of the products or services mentioned in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Radio Flyer

Pinky is now almost 3 and has had an obsession with bicycles for months now. She gets so excited when she sees them but they are still a bit too big for her. A tricycle, though, is perfect for toddlers and Radio Flyer has the cutest new Tricycles that you can make your very own, Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike. We built our a tricycle with all of the features we wanted and some really cool add-on’s and fabric choices.

Accessories for the Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike include:

  • Trike Color
  • Tires (Classic or Air)
  • Storage (bucket or basket)
  • UV blocking Canopy (in your choice of 3 fabulous fabrics)
  • Headrest and Seatbelt
  • Wrap Around Tray
  • Safeguard Speaker ( a weather resistant case that attaches to your MP3 player)
  • Parent Pouch (attaches to the back of the handle for your keys, sunglasses or water bottle)
  • Personalized Name Plate

Building Our Trike
To start you just visit the Radio Flyer website’s Build-A-Bike-Trike page and click Begin Building. Next you can pick between a Red or Pink Tricycle. Having 2 girls, I chose pink. You can then choose from the classic tires or upgrade to air tires for a smoother riding trike. You can also choose from two storage options, a bucket or upgrade to a nice fabric net basket that has even more storage space. We chose the bigger fabric storage basket because Pinky loves to pack her toys and take them with her all over. There are even more customization’s you can add including a UV Blocking Canopy, a headrest and seat belt  a wraparound tray, a parent pouch for you to pack necessities for when your on-the-go, the classic bell for the handlebars and even a speakers so you can hook up an iPod for some tunage on the go! If you’d like you can also add a custom nameplate for your trike. It took me about 5 mins to choose all the features for the trike and order it.

After finishing our bike design and ordering it, it was at our doorstep in less than a week! Putting it together took about an hour. There are a lot of parts but putting it together was pretty straightforward with the instructions.

Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike Assembly

I love how versatile the trike is – it can be setup for 4 stages for your child so they can start enjoying it starting at 9 months all the way up to 5 years.  We chose the wrap around tray and headrest and seat belt and now Loo Loo will even be able to use it once she is about 9 months old and parents can steer the bike with the handlebar you can attach.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike

I really love how easy it is to put on and take off all the accessories so that I can quickly have it ready for Loo Loo to use when she’s a baby or my independent toddler to do it on her own. It’s plug-and-play and easy to do.

Here is the trike setup for babies 9-18 months –

Radio Flyer Trike for 9-18 month olds

The padded seat and headrest are in the adorable custom pattern and add nice comfort for babies, I leave them on even for my toddler.  The UV  Blocking Canopy fans out easily for extra sun protection and the wrap around tray even has a little cup holder for sippy cups!

Radio Flyer Parent Pouch

The parent pouch simply Velcros on the parent handlebars and is great for your phone, snacks or other small things you want to take with you on your bike ride.


The air filled tires.  My only complaint about our bike is that the air tires had a bit of a smell to them for a while but it did die off after a couple of weeks.

Radio Flyer Trike Speakers

The speakers attach with Velcro, you can put them on the parent handlebar or maybe even on the handlebars for an older child. All you have to do next is plug-in your iPod and the music will play through the speakers.

Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike Review

My Overall Thoughts
Pinky has a blast on her trike and being her first bike she picked up on it fast. It’s easy for her to steer and pedal all on her own. She loves being able to pack in a bunch of toys in her storage basket. It’s an adorable trike with the classic Radio-Flyer look and totally worth the investment since it can be used starting at 9 months all the way to age 5 – that means Loo Loo will even be able to ride in it this year in the early fall! The Clover pattern fabric we chose is so chic and fun and gives the trike a cute and custom look. I would definitely recommend checking out the Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike its durable, cute and will give my girls years and years of outdoor riding fun!

Buy It: Radio Flyer Build-A-Trikes are available on the Radio Flyer website, pricing starts at $75.

I received one or more of the products or services mentioned in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

6 thoughts on “Radio Flyer Build-A-Trike Review | Build and Customize a Trike That Grows with Your Family!

  1. We love the Radio Flyer trikes, each of our kids had one when they were little. Our youngest is still riding one around. They are built tough!

  2. i had a little red wagaon when i was a speakers…little girls have it so much better

  3. (Radio Flyer Build a bike review) My neighbors had one of these for their daughter when she was two. She had a lot of fun on it.

  4. Does the Build-A-Trike fit in the back of an SUV when fully assembled? I’m looking for one that I can easily bring back and forth to the park.

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