Quick & Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from KODAK

Kodak kiosk

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if your still wondering what to get the mom’s in your life KODAK has some great personal gift ideas for you!

Kodak kioskHead over to a KODAK kiosk (find one near you):

  • Say it your way – Make mom a personal greeting cards using your words, your photos and your style. The KODAK Kiosk offers a wide range of styles, including designer greetings from Bonnie Marcus. Available in a variety of formats, you can choose from folded cards, or single-sided and double-sided flat cards, and you can insert images directly from your Facebook photos. To make it even sweeter, if you buy one 5×7 folded photo greeting card from the Kodak kiosk, you can get one FREE. And if you don’t feel like going to the store, you can make a personal greeting card, in 2D or 3D, at home using your KODAK Inkjet Printer.
  • Turn your favorite moments with mom, or grandma, into memorable stories she will cherish for a lifetime by creating a KODAK Photo Book at a KODAK Kiosk. You can choose from a wide range of stylish sizes, colors, and covers, and add backgrounds and customized text. For convenience, you can even use your favorite FACEBOOK photos. Your Photo Book is bound in store and ready the same day.
  • Make mom a KODAK Picture Movie DVD, because there’s no better way to honor your mother than tell her story in a captivating way. A picture movie DVD is a lasting, meaningful way to honor your mother and share your favorite moments together. When the family is together, everyone can gather around the TV and watch the story you’ve chosen to share about mom. It’s easy to do and the KODAK Picture Kiosk automatically combines your song choice with a pan and zoom effect to make your pictures move with the music.

At home with KODAK Inkjet Printer:

If you have a KODAK Inkjet printer in your home check out these great personal gift ideas. I love the bottle tags, these would be perfect for her favorite wine!

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