Quality Halloween Costumes from Party City’s Costume USA vs. Mass Marketed Costumes

Cupcake Cutie Party City Costume USA comparison

I absolutely love the dressing up, the decor and of course the trick-or-treating. I really enjoy finding the perfect costume for Pinky each year. This year she has a mind of her own and I can’t even get her to try on her costumes without a complete meltdown!

Party City


Finding a costume that is not only super cute but made with quality fabrics and durable accessories can be a challenge, so many of the costumes you find are so cheaply made and it can be disappointing. Party City recently gave me the opportunity to compare their Costume USA line versus the mass-marketed versions.

First up is the toddlers cupcake costume. You’ll notice the Party City Costume USA version, Cupcake Cutie Pie, is on the left and the mass marketed Sweet Cupcake version is on the right.

Cupcake Cutie Party City Costume USA comparison

To start, the Party City Costume USA Cupcake Cutie Pie comes more complete with the dress, headband and tights. The mass marketed version has the gloves, dress and headband so you would have to find your own matching tights. I love that the tights that come with the Costume USA version match the dress perfectly and they are fun and colorful. The fabric that is used on the mass-marketed version is extremely thin, flimsy and it’s sewn together kinda sloppy in my opinion. The Costume USA version is far less flimsy and feels much nicer, the tulle is thicker and has a very nice sparkle to it that any little girl would love. The headband on the mass marketed version is a bit cuter with the little 3D cupcake but is again made with the cheap fabric while the Party City version is made with the same nice sparkly tulle and a cute felt cupcake. Overall for cuteness and quality I definitely prefer the Party City Costume USA Cupcake Cutie costume over the mass-marketed version.

Costume USA Pumpkin Costume comparison

The next costume I compared is the ever classic pumpkin costume. The costume on the left is from the Pretty Pumpkin Costume from the Party City Costume USA line and the right is the mass marketed version. I think the differences in appearance alone speaks volumes. The mass-marketed version is bulky and the fabric is very cheap feeling. The pumpkin face on it is screen-printed on and already peeling a bit. The hat has no way to make it stay on and falls off constantly. On top of that, it has a yucky chemical smell about it. The Party City Costume USA Pumpkin costume is MUCH cuter and comes with a headband, the pumpkin suit and cute leg warmers. The headband is my favorite part with fuzzy stems that drape down. The pumpkin suit is made with a nice slinky fabric and the face of the pumpkin is nicely sewn on. The leggings add a nice touch too. This one was no competition and the Party City Costume USA was much more nicely made and cuter!

Wondering what you want to be or looking for a costume idea for your child this Halloween? Here are some great costume ideas from Party City –

  • Halloween Heroes: For the young boy who yearns to be a real life hero, Costume USA offers the classic costumes of policemen and firefighters constructed to be as sturdy and reliable as the brave men they portray. Details like walkie talkies, badges, and insignias resemble the real uniforms while yellow and silver reflective trims ensure top safety for trick-or-treating.
  • Garden Blossoms: Lovely ladybugs, buzzing bees, precious peacocks and twinkling fairies come together for a whimsical garden of cuteness. Leotard dresses, fluffy tutus, and gorgeous wings are all the buzz this season complete with gorgeous wings, fun headbands, and decorative wands that add a magical touch.
  • Twisted Traditions: Shopping with your teen this Halloween should be no bubble, bubble toil and trouble. For a twist on the classic witches, angels, and spider characters, Costume USA incorporates fashionable details for the classic, yet spunky fashionista. Glitter designs and metallic colors are essential, while glovelettes and stockings add finishing touches to these cute and spooky looks.

For more great costumes, check out the exclusive line of high quality costumes from the Party City Costume USA line!

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