Product Review: Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinades and Seasoning Salt

Thanks to BzzAgent my family was able to try Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinades and Seasoning Salt. We decided to BBQ some chicken breasts on our new grill so I poured some Lawry’s Seasoning Salt Marinade in some of my bake ware and let it marinade for about 30 mins. My husband BBQ’d them and viola dinner was ready. I added a couple side dishes including Italian Noodle Salad (shh don’t tell anyone, I cheated cause it was from Kroger’s Deli) and a shrimp ka-bob for each of us and it was time to eat. I was very impressed with the chicken, it was the juiciest chicken off the BBQ I’ve ever had and very flavorful! Usually when we have BBQ chicken it gets so dry but using the Lawry’s really made it juicy and so yummy!

Marinating the Chicken


This was our first time using this product and I’m definitely going to be using it again. Being a working mother making meals can be quite a challenge, and marinating – forget about it! But since it only needs to marinade for 30 minutes it is totally do-able for busy moms, which I love. They have lots of flavors available and next we’re going to try Balsamic Herb, it sounds yummy and I’m thinking it would be delicious with steak.



The finished meal, yum yum!


Disclosure: All opinions provided on this blog are my own. BzzAgent provided me with Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinades and Seasoning Salt to review.

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