Planning A Family Holiday To Lapland With Kids

They say that Christmas is for kids, so this winter why not take them to a place where it’s Christmas every day? Lapland, in northern Finland, is the perfect place for a family break. But a Lapland holiday is not just a magical winter trip, it’s the opportunity for your kids to meet the real Father Christmas too.
Breaks of two to four days, as well as day trips, are available from a number of travel companies. Lapland holidays 2014 are perfect for families with young kids who want to enjoy a unique vacation that is simply a cut above the rest when it comes to fun and excitement.
Your Lapland break will start a flight to an airport in northern Finland, such as that at the small town of Enontekio. From there visitors are whisked by coach to a nearby village where Santa and his helpers are busy making their preparations for Christmas.
When you visit Lapland in winter it is essential to take plenty of warm clothing, as temperatures can sometimes dip to -25ºc, but most travel companies will provide you with thermal outer suits. Accommodation is provided in a number of resorts, Rovaniemi being the major one.
Lapland in winter provides the visitor with breathtaking vistas of snow-covered hills, forests and meadows. Most holiday packages include the opportunity to take a sleigh ride, which is a truly unique and exhilarating experience for the whole family.
The kids will be thrilled to see reindeer in their natural habitat and you will all gain an insight into the Sami people of this part of Finland, with their traditional way of life and culture.
But the highlight of the trip, for the adults as well as the children, is the chance to meet Santa. Arrangements vary from one travel company to another: in some cases you will meet Father Christmas as part of a small group while other companies provide individual meetings with him.
Whatever type of break you choose, a holiday in Lapland will provide your family with a unique and memorable experience.

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