Pet Rider Protective Car Seat Cover Review

Pet Rider Review

Pet Rider Car Seat Protective CoverOur puppy was our first baby he is a special needs rescue pit/lab mix. Puppy Digger was born with only 3 legs, he is missing his left front. He is the most wonderful dog, loyal, friendly, playful and loves to snuggle! But, one of his favorite things is car rides, when I had my old car he would come with us all the time but when I got my new car the rides became fewer and further between. Puppy Digger sheds, a lot. It used to take us hours to clean the backseat of my old car with all of the hair, not to mention the damage his nails could do to the leather seats. I felt bad for Puppy Digger not being able to do one of his favorite things but we just couldn’t let this car get damaged, beat up and stinky. Which was why I was so happy to be given the opportunity to review Pet Rider.

Installing Pet Rider Car Seat Cover
Installing Pet Rider Car Seat Cover

Pet Rider
is a protective cover for your car seats, it is waterproof and protects seats against pet damage and odor. I took the Pet Rider out of its box and began to install it, it was super quick. I just placed the straps around the headrests tucked it in pulled the seat belts through the slats in Pet Rider, which is great because the seat belts can still be used even with the Pet Rider installed. The first time we used it I asked like I had so many times in the past, if he wanted to go for a ride. He tilted his head and looked at me like, like “really mom?” With the look of disbelief that he was actually going to go for a ride, he got up and walked to the backseat and my hubby helped him up into the car. Since installing the Pet Rider we’ve been going on nightly rides with the puppy over the past few days and Pet Rider has made all the difference. No more cleaning up gobs of hair off my seats, no mess if his paws get wet, no smell and no scratches and damage to my seats.

Pet Rider Review


If Pet Rider becomes dirty you can wash it off with a damp cloth or even throw it in the washing machine. I’m very glad to have found a product that will allow us to bring our dog on car rides more often. If your dog loves being on the couch like ours does, you can also use the Pet Rider indoors to keep your couch mess and hair free. I also discovered it works great protecting your car from kids messes kids too! 🙂

Buy It
Pet Rider is available for purchase at for $14.99 for 2!

This is not a paid post. I was sent a Pet Rider free of charge by the company or PR representative. It has been used for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

8 thoughts on “Pet Rider Protective Car Seat Cover Review

  1. I have a large dog who sheds constantly so I was really excited to find the petrider in my local Meijer store. However when I opened the box it reeked of a smell like gasoline. I aired it out for two days which helped a tiny bit then I washed it and line dried it. That helped a tiny bit more so I washed it a second time. Didn’t help any that time. I will be taking it back as soon as I can because I cannot subject my dog to that odor in an enclosed car. I think it would make us both ill.

    1. How bizzare Ruth! I would contact the company, maybe something occurred at the factory with that production group. Sorry for your bad experience with the product, ours never had any gas odor so I would absolutely contact the manufacturer.

      1. I had a similar experience. I bought a Pet Rider, as we will soon be sitting for our “granddog.” I spread it in the backseat, but the odor was so strong that my husband insisted that we’d better wash it first. I washed it according to directions–cold water, gentle, and line dried. However, vinyl peeled off it in several places exposing the netting underneath. I took it back. Good concept for a product, but the materials won’t hold up. Very disappointing, as I had hopes this would be a useful product that lasts a long while.

  2. I bought a Pet Rider at the store to use on my couch. When I opened the package it had a strong odor which I thought would go away in a few hours. The smell didn’t go away even after several days and now my couch smells too. Plus the smell rubs into your hands, clothing and Pets. The Pet Rider is hanging out in the back yard hoping the odor will go away with airing outdoors. Now to try and figure out what to do about my couch.
    It’s made in China, I am worried it may have some toxic fumes and unfortunately it doesn’t list what it’s made of.

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