Choosing a Pergo XP Style for Our Living Room + Your Chance to #Win a $50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway!

Pergo XP Flooring Style and Color Options

PergoXP Flooring

Now that we’ve found and decided upon Pergo® XP flooring for our living room renovation it was time to get down to the part I love the most, choosing a style and color! I was happy to see that the Pergo XP collection offers plenty of flooring style and color options from light to dark and modern, contemporary, transitional or country. It also offers a variety of plank sizes from skinny to wide planks; they even have a slate finish that is really stylish! Deciding between the slate finishes, light or whitewash pines and rustic oak styles was no easy task. But, knowing what look I was going for certainly helped. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled over a Pottery Barn magazine and one trend I noticed was that all of my most favorite rooms had wide planked floors and a rustic rugged look to them. We started our decision process on the Pergo XP website and went through each color and style option. I loved that not only did they have close up swatch images but also an image of the flooring in an actual room setting. Sometimes it’s hard to envision what an entire room will look like with flooring so having the in room photos really helped us.

Narrowing it Down

So as my husband and I sat down and sorted through our options we narrowed it down to six, yes we still had six options to choose from even with how specific I am, just goes to show the wide variety Pergo XP really offers because I am really picky especially when it comes to design. Hey, a girl knows what she wants, right?

Our selection of six samples arrived and gave us a very wide range in color options. Our samples included Vermont Maple, Cross Sawn Chestnut, Peruvian Mahogany, American Handscraped Oak, Hand Sawn Oak and Kingston Cherry. This gave us options of everything from a light maple to a dark oak style floor.

Pergo XP Flooring Style and Color Options

Pergo XP Color SamplesLaminate flooring has certainly come a long way and the Pergo XP styles look and feel just like hardwood flooring and not having to worry about scratches from our dog or dings dents and damage from the daily traffic and a toddler because of the durability Pergo XP offers is a HUGE plus. I can have my cake and eat it to! We set our samples in the living room and pondered over them for a few days. We also don’t want our new living room flooring to clash with the hardwood in our kitchen, while eventually we want to upgrade it to Pergo as well, we want them to compliment each other nicely in the meantime. After much thought we determined that we really love the rustic rugged style that the American Handscraped Oak, Hand Sawn Oak and Cross Sawn Chestnut have, they are perfect for the cozy country modern feel I’m going for!

Living Room Before Pergo XP FlooringSay goodbye to my ugly, worn and stained carpet and get ready to say hello to my new beautiful Pergo XP Flooring! I can’t wait to share our installation experience with you!

Guess which Pergo XP style we chose and enter for your chance to win a $50 Home Depot Gift Card!

Now for a little fun! I’m going to give one reader a $50 Home Depot Gift Card for you to use on anything you’d like or towards your own Pergo XP flooring! If you can guess which out of the 3 color and style options (Cross Sawn Chestnut, Hand Sawn Oak or American Handscraped Oak) we went with for our Pergo XP Flooring! Fill out the form below for your chance to win! Ends 12/9/2011 at 11:59PM EST.

Guess Which Pergo XP Style we choose contest

Disclosure: Pergo provided the flooring for our living room renovation project and I can’t thank them enough. All thoughts and opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.

442 thoughts on “Choosing a Pergo XP Style for Our Living Room + Your Chance to #Win a $50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway!

    1. We choose the Hand Sawn Oak too! I love it and it has held up as promised. Even with my dog running all over it and my little girl dropping toys on it, there are no dents or scratches. It looks just as good as the day we installed it. I LOVE IT!

  1. Hi Brynn,

    Your floors look great! My husband and I are currently looking at a few different Pergo options and are aiming to make a decision very soon. We’re currently leaning toward the cross sawn chestnut but are also considering the new coffee handscraped hickory and the hand sawn oak.

    Regarding hand sawn oak, we’re curious if you think it might show dust/dirt/animal fur/etc. more than a lighter shade of laminate (like cross sawn chestnut) might. Also, for hand sawn oak, from your perspective is there a red undertone to it, or is it more of a brown shade? It’s hard to tell from our sample, but we’re interested in a brown shade rather than reddish, given other flooring, trim, etc. within our house. Finally, we’re curious if you think a mid-tone or darker laminate/wood darkens a room more than a lighter floor might.

    We’re new to owning a home and making design decisions, so we appreciate any insight you can provide.


    1. It does show a bit of animal fur on it (2 of my pets have white fur) but not too bad. The Hand Sawn Oak does have a red undertone in my opinion. It does make a room darker in my opinion but not bad since we have lighter walls.

      Congrats on owning a new home and best of luck choosing your new Pergo floor!

  2. Great post! We are looking at the Pergo Hand Sawn Oaks as well. We are thinking about doing it ourselves What was the square footage you were able to get done in the timeframe you talked about?

    1. It took us 3 days but they were not full days more like 6 hours each day. Good luck with your installation!

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