Pergo XP Flooring Installation Update + Our Pergo XP Style + Winner of the $50 Home Depot Gift Card!

Pergo XP Installation Process - Old Flooring is Gone!

The contest to guess which Pergo XP flooring style we choose has ended and most of you guessed it correctly! If you’ve been keeping tabs on our living room renovation you know we were looking for a floor that will give our room a country modern feel, like out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog! We love flooring with large planks and want the room to be warm and inviting. So if you guessed (drum roll please….)

Pergo XP Hand Sawn OakHand Sawn Oak! You guessed right!

While it was a tough choice we went with Hand Sawn Oak because it had all the style features we were looking for in our flooring. Wide planks, a rustic feel and the color is rich and warm.

So without further adiu, here is the winner of the Home Depot $50 Gift Card…

Congratulations to Amanda M!

Installation of our Pergo XP Flooring

Our installation is underway and I cannot wait to tell you more about it! Check out our room with all the old flooring ripped, pulled and pried out – I’m so happy it’s gone!

Pergo XP Installation Process - Old Flooring is Gone!

Pergo XP’s Amazing Durability

As you know, we chose Pergo XP Flooring not only because of it’s great style but also because of its durability – from pets to spills and mishaps it is built to handle it all. Pergo had a hilariously fun event in California recently where they proved that this flooring can stand up to any test. The Pergo XP VS event put Pergo XP against elephants, wrestlers in high heels, food fights, riverdancers and rollerskates. Check out some of the videos below and visit to see all of the videos.

Hilarious! Wrestlers in High Heels!

Steel Wool Breakdancing, anyone?

Pergo XP can even stand up an elephant!

If Pergo XP can stand up to all these tests and be left unharmed without a scratch, gauge, or any other sort of damage, I’ve got a pretty good feeling it will hold up against my husband and I, a toddler, a 70lbs pit/lab and a cat! Next up is installing our new floors, which we’ve decided to take on ourselves so stayed tuned for our review of installing Pergo XP floors!

Disclosure: Pergo provided the flooring for our living room renovation project and I can’t thank them enough. All thoughts and opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.


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