Outdoor Spring Maintenance Projects

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to get outside and start cleaning up around your home after months of cold winter weather. Get your to-do list started with a few of these must-do projects that will make your home ready for warmer weather in no time.

Clean out Gutters

After months of neglect, your gutters are likely full of twigs, leaves, and other debris that’s settle in during the long cold months. Grab a ladder and give your gutters a thorough cleaning. Wash them out so debris can flow freely away from your home, and if you notice and cracks or issues, be sure to address them immediately before they turn into a larger problem.

Check Your Roof

While your ladder is out, do a quick inspection of your roof to see if it suffered any damage over the winter. You’ll want to look for gaps, missing or curled shingles, rust, or obvious holes which can cause leaks and significant damage to your home. If you see something, hire a professional who handles common roof repairs to come in and fix it immediately.

Touch up Paint

Grab a can of paint and walk around your home to check for any chipped or missing paint. If you see something, a little spot painting can touch it up to make your home look beautiful while protecting its structure from pests that may try to burrow into your home through exposed wood.

Trim Those Trees

Using shears, trim back any trees or shrubs that may have gotten unruly over the past few months. You don’t want branches to get too close to your home because they could cause damage if they were to break off. Keeping them neatly trimmed also helps keep away critters that may use branches as an entry point into your home.

Check Your Foundation

Walk around your home and look at its foundation. You want to look for weak points that may provide entry to rodents or other pests, along with possible mold or mildew growth which can invade your home. If you see something that looks out of the ordinary, make it a point to address it immediately to prevent it from becoming a larger, more costly issue.

Check Sidewalks

After a long winter, your sidewalks may have developed cracks or breaks due to dips and spikes in temperature. Not only are these unsightly, but they can pose potential safety issues for anyone who walks on them. If your sidewalk has any gaps or cracks, have them filled in to keep your walkway safe and beautiful.

Rake Your Yard

If yours is like most yards, chances are you’ve accumulated some debris since fall. If left uncared for, it can be an attractive option for pests to hide under, which can then lead to a home infestation. Grab your rake and a pair of work gloves and tackle the leaves, twigs, and other debris that’s built up in your yard over the past few months to prepare your lawn for spring weather and keeps pests at bay.

These easy projects can get your home ready for spring in no time. Next time the weather is nice, throw on your work clothes and get them done so you can enjoy the warmer weather when it arrives.


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