Our White Kitchen Makeover

I was provided with Nuvo Cabinet Paint for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We’ve been in our home for 10 years now and when we built it my taste in decor has changed quite a bit. I used to love dark woods and dark paint colors but over the past couple of years I’m drawn to interiors with lighter, brighter colors. So, I set out to change our homes dark feeling to a bright and colorful interior. We started with the foyer by adding board and batten along with hangers for coats and a bench for shoes. The space is so much more functional now and makes getting out the door much easier.

The next room I wanted to tackle was the kitchen. Our dark cherry cabinets made it feel small and dreary I tried to lighten the darkness…

a couple years earlier by painting the walls a bright pretty blue and while I loved the wall color it was in vein as the cabinets really set the tone of the kitchen.

before-kitchenA year later I finally convinced my husband to let me paint our cabinets white. He was nervous with painting our cherry cabinets and that it might turn out looking to plain and sterile. But with my determination and negotiating skills I finally sold him on taking the plunge.

I read thru tons of DIY tutorials and reviews of cabinet paints and finally set on Nuvo Cabinet Paint. The reviews were promising and everyones pictures of their before and afters using the product looked beautiful and gave me the confidence that we could do this.

My original plan was to first paint the wall cabinets using Nuvo Cabinet Paint in Titanium White and the kitchen island Hearthstone, a pretty medium greige color. I then discovered Giani Granite and planned to paint our dark countertops to look like a lighter granite.


The process of painting the cabinets is pretty straightforward – here are the supplies you’ll need.

First, I chose to remove all the cabinet doors. This part isn’t necessary but with 2 kids I chose to do this to prevent any accidental closing of a door with wet paint.

Next, I took a rag and my TSP solution and scrubbed each and every door, and cabinet. Removing all the grease and residue from them. When I was done, my cabinets had never been cleaner!

Allow them to dry for a few hours and begin by sanding. Just lightly go over the surface enough to rough it up which will help the paint adhere.

Now, for the fun part – the painting! When you open the Nuvo cabinet paint be sure to mix it up good. When I opened ours it was all separated and took quite a few good stirs to get it mixed up right. When that is ready start with your brush and go along any corners and crevasses. Next, put the paint on your roller and roll it on.


The entire process is simple but it did take some time and 3 coats of paint to cover up the dark cherry color. While the box says it can be done in a weekend it did take us longer, more like 3 weekends but thats mainly because I only had room for 4 doors at a time in my workspace and most of the time was spent waiting for the next coat to dry and then flipping the doors to do the other side.

The Nuvo cabinet paint is easy to apply and it nicely self levels to prevent and streaks or strokes showing. The cabinets honestly look like they were always white and not painted.

I did change gears a bit on the project as once I saw the white color against our charcoal counters I fell in love with the countertop color all over again and opted to skip the countertop paint and save that for our master bathroom project (coming up!). I also kept the island white because the greige next to our wood floors clashed and so I’m saving that too for our master bathroom.

The kitchen has been done for just over a couple of weeks now. I am so happy with the result and the Nuvo Cabinet paint is nice and durable and any marks can easily be wiped off.  Overall I’m pretty happy though I did find one spot that has a slight chip in it where the door closes and it’s a door we use pretty often where we keep the garbage so I would recommend keeping some paint on hand for touch ups every now and then.

So, here it is – the finished white kitchen!


I love being able to add little pops of color like this adorable frenchie cookie jar 🙂kitchen-decor

and I repainted my kitchen aid mixer –


The walls are Behr Wheat Bread, a color I plan to bring across the rest of the main walls of the house. I love it because its a perfect mix of beige and grey, aka griege and it will let my finicky self change simple things like pillows and chachkies to give a room a different feel without having to go thru the pain of painting yet again 🙂

To see the HUGE change just look at our before and after pic –


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