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Guest post by Jennifer of One Cool Lunch

Hi everyone!! My name is Jennifer and I am the mom behind the blog One Cool Lunch. I was so excited when Mommy Digger asked me to do a guest post for them. Being a mom is why I started the quest for a better lunch for my child and eventually it led me to my blog. School lunches are just not very healthy and a traditional brown bag lunch just isn’t much fun. And so began my obsession with lunches. Today I am pleased to share with all of you a fun and simple Halloween lunch. This one is great because both boys and girls alike will enjoy it!

Halloween Themed Lunch for Kids

The key to a cool lunch is to take your child’s favorite foods and present them in a new fun way. It’s also a great way to introduce new foods and more fruits and veggies as well. So I started with “creepy finger” carrots. These are so easy! Just take some baby carrots or cut regular ones to your desired size. Then cut a few “fingernails” from a red pepper. I used ranch dressing to “glue” the nails but tzatziki dip works great as “glue” as well. Told you it was easy!

Below the carrots I have some colby jack cheese that I cut into fun Halloween shapes. I used bats, cats, pumpkins and ghosts. I used mini cookie cutters to cut mine. You can use whatever size and shape cutters you happen to have on hand.

I call the middle the dessert row. On top is a ghost Peep. I am not a fan of Peeps but he was just too cute to pass up and I knew my daughter loves them. If you don’t like ghosts they also have adorable jack o lanterns. Below those are bone-shaped graham crackers and below that is a small ghost shaped rice crispy treat. You could add Halloween sprinkles to your rice krispy treats to make them even more festive!

Next, we have a Jack O Lantern sandwich. This my favorite part of the lunch. A few months ago I saw the orange colored wraps at the store and I filed it away in my crazy brain. When I was thinking of ideas for Halloween lunches those orange colored wraps jumped back into my head and I knew they were perfect for a pumpkin sandwich. I used a cookie cutter to cut the shape of this one as well. To make the face I used Americolor Food Writers. There are other companies with food writer markers but I found that these work best for my purposes. You should be able to find them at your local cake supply store or even online at Amazon. I added a bat cheese flying over him to make it a little more spooky. If you don’t have food writers you could cut a fruit roll or cheese into face shapes and place them on your sandwich as well.

Last week while at my local dollar store I found a box of 100 Halloween picks. It had ghosts, pumpkins,bats and the spiders you see here. I cut my cantaloupe into pumpkin shapes as well, but chunks would be just as cute and alot easier,lol! Dollar stores are a great source of items to use in your lunches. From picks to cookie cutters to even sandwich cutters, I find lots of stuff at the dollar stores. And you can’t beat the price!

Last and certainly not least are my favorite treat: Chocolate covered strawberries. Whoever the first person was to dip a strawberry into chocolate was a genius! For these ghosts I simply got some white chocolate ( I like Merckens, but use whatever you like best), melted it and dipped in some strawberries. Then I used my food writer to make a face. In the past I have also used melted dark or milk chocolate to make the faces. Just melt some in a plastic baggie and cut the tip off the corner and “draw” on a face.

And that my new friends is how easy and fun it is to make a cool Halloween lunch. The best part about it is that there are no rules! You can use this lunch as a guide, using things you already have around your house. You will be surprised how much more your child eats too! I hope you have enjoyed my guest post and I hope I have inspired you to try something new in your child’s lunch box. Thank you and don’t forget to follow my blog for more great ideas!

Happy Halloween!!
Jennifer, One Cool Lunch

8 thoughts on “One Cool Halloween Lunch

  1. very neat, my kids love when one “food treat” pops into their lunch–I couldn’t fathem the happiness with a whole COOL LUNCH like this!! I think I’ve just found a new blog to follow 😀 Hopping over now TY for posting.

  2. Great guest post! I bet even my hubby would like this! 🙂

    new follower from the friday FNF hop!

    Check us out if you get a second 🙂

    I’m off to enter some of your giveaways now! They look awesome!


  3. Soo cute, I am not quite in the mood yet for halloween, need to get through my sept and oct birthday children first:)

    Thanks for stopping by. ALready FB fan, will follow you other ways too now!!

  4. This lunch is amazing! It would even be fun for me to eat! haha Thanks for the great idea for when my daughter starts school!

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