October is National Window Covering Safety Month | How to Keep Young Children Safe from Window Covering Accidents

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As adults look at window covering cord and see just that but in the eyes of a child it can be so much more – a kite string, the hoist for a ship sail or a rope to a treehouse. The imagination of a child is a precious gift that I wish could be preserved but in the cases of window coverings it can also pose a dangerous threat.

October is National Window Covering Safety Month and the Window Covering Safety Council is working to raise awareness and urge parents and caregivers to check their window coverings for exposed or dangling cords that pose a strangulation hazard to infants and young children.


So many young lives have been lost and many children are facing health difficulties due to cord strangulation and it’s easily preventable.

I’ll never forget the time I caught my oldest child, who was 3 at the time, was playing pretend boats with her Octonauts toys  and was using our roman shade cord as a ship sail to steer her “boat”. Mom instincts and adrenaline rushed through me and I ran to her and told her to put the cord down and explained to her that they are not a toy and she could get hurt very badly with it.

That day I knew we had to do something about our window coverings that had cords. My husband made a trip to the hardware store and grabbed a bunch of clear blind cord wraps to allow us to wrap the cords around and out of reach of our daughters hands. I also made the decision to go cordless when we redid our bedroom. I absolutely love my cordless window shades because not only do they look great but most importantly there are no cords whatsoever to worry about my little girls getting hurt or even worse.

Someday when I can afford to recover more of our windows I will continue to go with the completely cordless option but in the meantime I’m keeping any cords out of reach of their little hands.

best-for-kids-certifiedWhen you’re looking for child safe window coverings, cordless options can easily be identified by the Best for Kids™ certification label. Best for Kids products are currently available at major retails across the country.

For more information about window covering safety visit the Window Covering Safety Council website.

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