1st Birthday Bash: Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket : Review + Giveaway

Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket Review

Nuddle® started when a NYC girl moved to L.A. to her fiance’s apartment, which was always freezing. Night after night she would lay on the couch reading wedding magazines. The more she pulled the blanket up to cover her neck and shoulders, the more her cold feet would pop out from the bottom of the blanket. Her fiance said, “Let’s just make you a blanket with a foot pocket to keep your feet warm and openings for your arms so that you can still hold your magazine”. That’s how The Nuddle® was born and how they began to create THE COZIEST BLANKET EVER™.

Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket ReviewNuddle Blanket makes incredibly soft blankets, deemed the Coziest Blanket EverTM and we got to find out for ourselves how soft and cozy they really are. Nuddle blankets are made of ultra plush fleece and are perfect for snuggling up with.

We tried out the Nuddle Blankets newest innovation, the Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked blankets up from off of the ground when strollering Pinky around. The Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket features openings for a 5 point harness so you can strap the blanket down and rid yourself of the stoller blanket battles.

Nuddle Stroller Blanket Review

The Nuddle Baby Blanket also features a foot pocket that wraps around the foot rest of your stroller and keeps your little ones feet inside and cozy.

We put the Nuddle blanket to the test over the weekend at our local fireworks, it got a little chilly at night so when the firework show was ending I placed Pinky in the stroller and put the Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket over her and thru the harness. No matter what the blanket stayed in place and kept her nice and warm and her feet in no matter now much fidgeting she did and she (like most toddlers) is quite the fiddler. 🙂 The Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket is staying in my “have to take” pile of supplies for Pinky on the go, its perfect for chilly mornings or evenings and I’m so happy with how soft it is and especially how it stays in place, no more blanket battles for this mama!

The Nuddle Stroller Baby Blanket is available in Oatmeal, Blue or Pink. We chose pink 🙂 Dimensions: 24″ x 32″

Buy It:
The Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket can be purchased for $38 from Nuddle Blanket

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This is not a paid post. I received a Nuddle Baby Stroller Blanket for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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