Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it Cup Review

Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-It Cup Review

NubyNuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-It Cup ReviewWhen you have a toddler your cupboards are sure to fill up with all sorts of sippy cups and there will be many “spill-proof” and “leak proof” ones that don’t quite live up to their claims. We’ve tried some that end up dripping a bit or just downright fail and leave a few drips shy of puddles trailing behind my toddler. Being a Nuby Mom I have the opportunity to try out their sippy cups and the latest was the Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-It cup.

The Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-It Cup keeps her drinks cold longer and also prevents the cup from sweating and getting the furniture wet.

The straw is soft and gentle on teeth and gums which is good because Pinky tends to bite on the straws. Some other brands of sippy cups with straws she’s actually broken chewing on the straw part. I don’t buy that brand anymore for fear of her chewing them and chocking on a piece but with this Nuby cup the straw is much thicker and she can’t break it so that is a big win for this sippy in my book.  The straw also flips closed so it’s great for traveling with.

Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-It Cup

To me the only thing that I don’t like about this sippy is the small pieces that have to be cleaned but all in all it’s great and stands true to be spill-proof. Plus, they come in fun designs that kids love – we received one with an adorable scene that has a cute ladybug on it that Pinky gets a kick out of.

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Buy It: Nuby Insulated No-Spill™ Flip-it™ cups are available on Amazon for $7.82 in a 2-pack or in stores. Find a Nuby retailer near you.


5 thoughts on “Nuby Insulated No-Spill Flip-it Cup Review

  1. I’m loving this cup! I will have to buy my nephew one of these! With warmer weather now arriving the insulated cup will be great to have! I remember the sippy cups my boys had when they were little not keeping their milk cool & it would spoil in no time! And who likes warm milk anyway? ewwww! Yep, I will have to get one of these!

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