No More Ugly Flash Photos and More Light Control with the Lightscoop Deluxe! Review

Lightscoop Deluxe Without and With

Lightscoop Deluxe

A little over a year ago I shared my review of the Lightscoop and it has done miracles for my indoor photos! Our house doesn’t get a lot of natural light and I’m certainly not a professional photographer with all the lighting tools but my Lightscoop creates the perfect lighting for my photos.

How does it do it? The Lightscoop is a small attachment that goes over my DSLR’s flash and uses a mirror to bounce the flash light off of the walls. The result is a perfectly lit photo that doesn’t look like you used an ugly flash. This year I had the opportunity to try out the new Lightscoop Deluxe. It’s easy to take on and off your camera. You place the mount on the camera then slide the mirror on.

How is the  Lightscoop Deluxe different from the regular Lightscoop? Well, with the original Lightscoop photos had to be taken horizontally. However, now with the Lightscoop Deluxe I can take vertical photos as well. You can also swivel the mirror now and I’ve found it to be a lot easier to get better lighting by adjusting it to my liking because I have more control of my light source reflection. I’ve taken hundreds of photos with my new Lightscoop Deluxe and it has been a lifesaver for photos of my girls and for my blog. Take a look at the difference between these 2 photos of my daughter Pinky dying Easter eggs –

Lightscoop Deluxe Without and With

Huge difference, right? BUT, the only difference between the 2 photos is one is without the Lightscoop Deluxe and one is with and these were taken at night with only the incandescent lighting on.

Here is an example of a vertical photo I took with my Lightscoop Deluxe and using the flash –

Lightscoop Deluxe vertical photo

The pictures really do speak for themselves, it works and it works very well and I gives me the capability to take professional quality photos of my kids anytime.

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Buy It: Lightscoop Deluxe is available for DLSR and point and shoot cameras on the Lightscoop website for $36.95.


8 thoughts on “No More Ugly Flash Photos and More Light Control with the Lightscoop Deluxe! Review

  1. Ohhhh – this looks like a nice gadget to have. I cannot stand when flashes mess up just one little part of a photo – especially when taking product pics.

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