New Netflix Series You Should Be Watching : Stranger Things & Word Party #StreamTeam

I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive a Netflix streaming membership so that I can share my thoughts with you.

This month has been great for new Netflix releases. If you haven’t been watching Stranger Things already you HAVE to check it out.

stranger-things-netflixIt is a sci-fi series with lots of retro 80s throwback thrown in. It reminds me a lot of E.T. and The Goonies in its style and theme in that it follows the story of a group of young friends.

Set in a small Indiana town, the story centers around the mysterious disappearance of a young boy named Will, the search effort that ensues (led by his mother, played by Winona Ryder), and the arrival of an odd young girl with strange powers.

While Stranger Things is definitely more for adults there was also a great new Netflix original released that is perfect for my almost preschooler.

word-partyWord Party from the Jim Henson Company is an interactive series for preschoolers that teaches kids new words with four super cute animals. This is perfect for Loo Loo who has been slower to talk and Word Party keeps her entertained while helping her develop her vocabulary. She loves the cute animals. Netflix even kindly sent us some masks of the characters in the series and my girls love them!



7 thoughts on “New Netflix Series You Should Be Watching : Stranger Things & Word Party #StreamTeam

  1. My 11mo daughter is Word Party’s #1 fan. Her 1st birthday party is coming up and the party is scheduled for November 5th. Initially she loved to watch My Little Pony (my husband and I assume it was for the colors now that she’s into Word Party and likes the songs and the characters) and was planning on a MLP theme birthday party. Well that’s changed now that she’s completely into Word Party and as you know, it’s not near as popular as My Little Pony so there’s no birthday-in-a-box kit for me to purchase or anything for that matter. So as I was looking up pictures of each of the characters to make my own birthday decor for the party, I stumbled upon a photo with 2 little girls wearing a face mask of Lulu and another wearing a face mask of Kip from Word Party. I was super excited and had to contact whoever it was that made them. I am curious as to where they came from? If you made them yourself then hats off to you! You did an AMAZING job! They’re absolutely perfect! I have invited 15 kids, but I can pretty much count on 10 of them actually showing up to the party. The RSVP cut off is 10/29. With that being said, I wanted to ask if I paid you whatever amount we could agree upon, would you be willing to make face masks for the kids coming to my baby’s 1st birthday party? You have no idea how happy you’d be making a 1 year old little girl and her mommy!! I do want to say though that I TOTALLY understand if you don’t want to make that many and say ‘no’, I wouldn’t blame you if you did, but I do have a back up plan, so no pressure at all! okay? Thank you very much for taking the time to read my message and give my offer consideration. -LWinkler

    1. Well now I feel stupid, I didn’t read the above comments… I will contact netflix and see if they’d send me some! Thanks and I apologize for the above novel comment!

      1. No problem at all! Hopefully you find them, otherwise I’d suggest checking Etsy and if they aren’t sold already I’m sure someone could make them for you copying the pattern in our pictures 🙂

    2. I’m trying to plan my twins a Word Party theme birthday party as well. If you don’t mind me asking what did you end up doing? They will be two at the end of December.

  2. Hello

    My daughter is hooked on Word Party and can’t go more than a few hours without watching it. Her birthday is only a few months away and I wanted to create a Word Party theme. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could obtain those masks from the picture. They would really make her birthday a lot more fun. Thank you for sharing the picture and I look forward to your response. OK so in my haste i neglected to read the comments. If anyone was able to find any way to obtain masks please share.

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