Netflix’s new original sci-fi series – The OA and The Travelers #StreamTeam

My love for sci-fi started with what most 80s kids/sci-fi fans like myself did – Star Wars. With normal TV series on pause for mid-season breaks I’ve upped my Netflix streaming and gotten into a couple new Netflix Original sci-fi series.


The OA was a series about a young woman who lived an extraordinary childhood who is then kidnapped. She escapes and and finds her way back to her home after a near death experience. At home, she becomes friends with some of the neighborhood teens and a teacher and tells them her story and helps them in ways they never saw coming. I really enjoyed this series and it leaves you on a cliffhanger that leaves it open to a season 2 and I’m really hoping they do!

The next series I just started and am 3 episodes in that is new and so far really interesting is Travelers. It’s about a team of special ops who were sent back in time to prevent the collapse of society. The Travelers inhabit the body of someone who has died a second before. They have some knowledge of the persons life they take over that they have gained from social media and the internet and have to maintain their pre-existing hosts lives in order to stay under the radar.

Even though I’m only on episode 3 I’ve been completely sucked in and am planning on binge watching this over the little break I get for the New Year.

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